I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times, in life after life, in age after forever.


2. Umbrella






     The car park smelled like shit. I dont know if it was because the constant swirl of exhaust fumes or the stingy smell or outside, but I was cold and wet and lost, and the car park smelled like shit.


     And, added to that, I'd lost my umbrellas. I'd put it down when I went to order my coffee at that little cafe in the mall, and when I come back to my seat. it was gone.


   This sucked.


      I wrapped my arms around myself, cocooning whatever heat I had, and trudged down the line of cars again. Whose bright idea was to put so many red cars on floor three, and so many Red ones?


  "You look lost."


   I paused at the voice--I was alone on floor three of a car park during a downpour, and that could've very well been a serial killer. "Um, I might me?"


  "You're soaked. Don't you have an umbrella?" 


     "I did,"  I gripped, glancing up ans wiping my bangs out of my face. The guy was tall, nose red from the cold. He looked nice enough. Nice smile. It highlighted his eyes, not that I was paying attention. "But somebody stole it. It was blue and It had flowers."


  He nodded, biting his lip. "Oh. Well, I can help you find your car if you'd like."


    I sized the guy up again--nice brown eyes, hair that kinda resembled a quiff or something, I dont know--before deciding that yes, he was trustworthy enough and he wasn't planning on ending my life. "Yeah, thanks, um. It's red?"


   "Do you know the model?"


     I shrugged a bit sheepishly, tugging my jacket tighter. I didn't know a thing about cars. "Like, It's my brother's. And its red. And small." 


     He snorted at that, dragging his fingers through his hair with a grin. "Right. Red and small and it's your brother's. Let's get to it, then."


  (And seven minutes later when I was climbing into the car, the stranger gave me his number, a nervous smile, and, "My name is Liam and I stole your umbrella from the coffee shop. My car is gold.")


  And red and gold went together nicely, I thought,

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