Tears can change things

Kiba walked through the village" ugh,I feelings hinata but she loves naruto"kiba sighed."why can't hinata just like me?,I love her a lot"some tears come down kiba's face.then hinata noticed Kiba crying.so she bent down in front of kiba"k-kiba-kun are you okay?


2. Kiba's heartache

Hinata looked up at kiba"D-did you just call me baby?"kiba kissed her cheek."Yeah,you want me just to call you by hinata?Hinata got angery all of a sudden"KIBA I DONT TO PLAY AROUND I THOUGHT YOU WERE NOT GOING BE WITH YOU NO MORE !!!!!"Kiba then started to cry.Hinata was planning this.Naruto meet her at the ramen shop."So hinata,how did kiba handle it?"Naruto said kissing her forehead."Well he ran off crying,That was funny like me hinata hyuga give that mutt a chance"They both laughed.Mean while kiba was walking home.He passed the ramen shop and heard hinata and naruto.Then kiba saw them kissing.Kiba then whispers"Hinata played me,I-i was n-nevered loved by her"Naruto then noticed kiba"WELL HEY MUTT,YOU GOT PLAYED BY HINATA HYUGA,SHE LOVES ME THE SOON TO BE HOKAGE,NOT SOME OLD MUTT WHO CHEWS ON BONES OR LEFT OVER STEAK!!!!!!"Kiba then growled,Sakura just walked by"Hey Narut-kun"Sakura said then kissed his cheek"Hehe,thanks sakura-chan"Naruto then pushed hinata to ground hard"HINATA HYUGA, WE ARE DONE"Naruto takes sakura's hand and goes off kissing and stuff.Hinata laid there crying and kiba then  ran to side and laid her head in his lap"Hinata are you okay?"Hinata looks at kiba"n-no i-i a-am u-upset"Kiba kisses her forehead softly"Well i am here for you!!!!"





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