Tears can change things

Kiba walked through the village" ugh,I feelings hinata but she loves naruto"kiba sighed."why can't hinata just like me?,I love her a lot"some tears come down kiba's face.then hinata noticed Kiba crying.so she bent down in front of kiba"k-kiba-kun are you okay?


4. Kiba's girl

They walk out the flower shop,and hinata kisses kiba"I want you back!"Kiba kissed her back"Okay baby,I love you"Hinata smiles"I love you to"Kiba says"Want to spend the night at my house?"Hinata says"Yes"They go to kiba's house and spends the night the next day they spend the whole day together..Later that day,Hinata says "Kiba,i cant wait to get married and have kids with you"Kiba smiles and kisses her"Me to,I love you"Hinata smiles"I love you to"

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