Tears can change things

Kiba walked through the village" ugh,I feelings hinata but she loves naruto"kiba sighed."why can't hinata just like me?,I love her a lot"some tears come down kiba's face.then hinata noticed Kiba crying.so she bent down in front of kiba"k-kiba-kun are you okay?


3. Ino's feelings

Hinata smiled at kiba"T-thank you f-for being t-there for m-me kiba"Kiba smiled and picked hinata up and put her on his back"your welcome,lets go to the flower shop and i'll get you any kind of flowers you want"Hinata smiled'O-okay kiba,i love you"Kiba carries  hinata on his back"Love you to"At the flower shop,Ino had heard about that and so did shikamaru.At the time shikamaru was at the flower shop,so when kiba and hinata walked on they were greeted by ino and shikamaru"Hey you two,we heard what happened to guys"Kiba looked at them"Hinata pick out your flowers"Kiba then walked to shikamaru and ino"Yeah,thats why i brought hinata here naruto dumped her for sakura"Hinata was looking for her favorite type of flowers,Shikamaru started talking"I know noticed you have feelings for my Ino"Kiba gave him the death stare"I dont like her,I AM LOVE WITH HINATA"Kiba yelled the last part.Hinata looked over there.Ino says"Back of me kiba,just cause i look pretty dont mean you take me from shika"Ino blushed at kiba"Uhh kiba,i might have feelings for you"Hinata looked over there"Ino,kiba is mine do you got that,okay?"Ino replies"Okay"

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