Tears can change things

Kiba walked through the village" ugh,I feelings hinata but she loves naruto"kiba sighed."why can't hinata just like me?,I love her a lot"some tears come down kiba's face.then hinata noticed Kiba crying.so she bent down in front of kiba"k-kiba-kun are you okay?


1. Hinata's smile

Kiba looked up at hinata,the tears got worse"Hinata just leave me alone"kiba was now really upset cause naruto and hinata were holding hands.Kiba got into a rage"HINATA WHY ARE  YOU JUST WASTING YOUR TIME ON THAT FOOL!!!!!!!!!!" Hinata smiled"Cause he truly loves me back"Naruto kissed hinata.Kiba burst into tears again."Just why naruto, H-hinata?"Kiba dried his tears.Then looked at her and she was crying her eyes out"K-kiba kun,naruto broke up with me"Kiba then held his arms out for her.Hinata runs into kiba's arms"Hinata are you okay?"He looked at her."K-kiba he said that i was never his girlfriend to start with"Hinata then snuggled into his chest and smiled"Hinata,sweetheart I love you and i just want to make you mine"Hinata then  picked her head"Really kiba-kun?"Kiba then kissed her on her head"Yeah really,only if i can make you mine"Hinata then blushed "K-kiba well you be my boyfriend?"Kiba then blushed and smiled big"yes i well hinata,YES I AM HINATA HYUGA'S BOYFRIEND!!!!"Hinata then kissed kiba's cheek."Hehe,kiba-kun your really happy"Kiba then smiled"all cause of you,baby!!!"Hinata then smiled big

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