Forever And Always (zianourry)

The four vampires finds a small boy in a alley way. He's beautiful and his blood smells so good. They knows he's their mate. Soulmate. But strange things happens and everything changes. They boy isn't normal as they thought he was.


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Zianourry (vampires)

Warnings: start of smut in the end of it. And blood sucking if that is a warning.

Prompt: Liam, Zayn, Louis and Niall are vampires And they have to find their mate. They finds him but he's broken and they have to save him.

Louis Niall Liam and Zayn was vampires. They looked after their mate. They all was in a relationship together but they wanted one more.

It was in the middle of the night. "let's go and find a prey" Louis said and the other nodded. They walked out and to the alley way they use to go to. They saw a person in the alley way. Nobody used to be there at the middle of the night.

The figure was leaning against the wall and soon they was hit of the heave smell of the figures blood. It was a boy. He must be bleeding otherwise his blood wouldn't smell so much. And his blood smelled good. Much better then all the other blood they had drunk.

They walked up to the boy. He wasn't bleeding so much just a small cut on his arm. Then the boy fell to the ground blacked out. Louis gasped and Zayn picked the boy up.

They boy was small and short. He had brown beautiful curls and his skin was snow white and completely clean. His lips where red and pouty. He was simply the most beautiful thing they ever had seen.

They started to run with him home and it only took one minute. When they where inside they laid him down on their big bed. They all stared at the beauty laying in their bed.

Soon the boy groaned and opened his eyes. They widened when he saw the unfamiliar surrounding. He looked around and saw four boys staring at him. They all where pail. Paler then him and he was pretty pail.

"what's your name" Niall asks the boy that's sitting o their bed. "h-harry" the boy answers him. They all feels his fear pulsing through the room. They sits down on the bed with him.

"Do you believe in vampires" Zayn asks and sits behind him and trials his fingers down Harry's arm. He smirks when Harry shakes his head no. Louis and Liam sits on each side of him and Niall in front of him. They feels that he gets more scared when they comes closer to him.

"oh so you don't believe in us" Liam says in his ear. Harry gasps in horror ans surprise when they shows their fangs. "your blood smells lovely" Louis breaths on his neck. Harry shivers and tries to back away from them. Nut Zayn catches him and lays him on his back on the bed.

Zayn and Liam holds him down to the bed on each side of him. They sees the horror in Harry's eyes and smirks. They loves thar look on their preys. But they have to remember that he is their mate.

Louis and Niall bends down so their mouths is on each side of the small boy on their beds neck. "it's not gonna hurt so much" Louis whispers and sinks his fangs in Harry's neck. Niall does the same. The blood runs into their mouths and they moans at the delicious taste.

But when they all heard the small boys scream they couldn't do it anymore. They love him to much to hurt him. So they stopped and looked at Harry. He had tears streaming down his beautiful face. Niall started to stroke his face but he flinched away from them.

"hey love we don't want to hurt you" Liam said softly to the scared boy in front of them. "promise" Harry whispered. They all nodded and Niall pulled Harry to his chest. "you're so beautiful" Niall whispered to the small lad in his lap. Harry blushed and hide his head in Niall's neck.

The four other boys coed at him and smiled. "Harry we are only going to feed of you if you're okay with it" Liam says and looks at Harry. "I-I'm okay with it as long as you doesn't hold me down and only one at the time" Harry says quiet and shy.

The vampires smiles brightly at him and nods. "can I start" Zayn asks and the others nods. "lay down on your back it's easiest" Zayn said and lady a hand on Harry's chest to pull him down.

When Harry laud comfortable Zayn bend down to his neck and licked over the boys vein. Then he sunk his fangs in his neck. Harry let out a groan in pain and tightened his hold on Niall's and Louis's hands.

Zayn moaned at the taste of the small lads blood. He straddled" Harry and started to grind down on him. Harry throw his head back in pleasure and moaned.

The other three boy stares at them with lust in their eyes. Louis started to kiss the other side of Harry's neck and Niall lifted Harry's shirt a bit to kiss his tummy.

Zayn was done drinking now and he took of the smallest boys shirt. Then Liam took over and drank from Harry. Niall slides of the youngest pants and they all stops with what they're doing and looks at harry with lust filled eyes.

He's really beautiful with milky white body untouched and unmarked. He's really fit and it's adorable that he's so short and small he is.

Niall crawled on top of the short lad. "we are going to make you feel so good baby" he murmurs in Harry's ear and starts to stroke him through his boxers. Harry moans quiet and it sounds like music to the other four boys surrounding him.

Liam Zayn and Louis starts to undress until they just have boxers on. Niall trails his fingers down Harry's body to his entrees. He presses a finer in and Harry hisses in pain.

"relax sweetheart" Louis says and takes Harry's hand in his.


Do you think I should continue this or not?? I hope you liked it and enjoyed it. ❤☺

I don't speak English so i think it's lots of spelling wrong and grammar and I'm sorry for that. I didn't edit it ether but I hope it's good.

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