Main character Mati Greenwood (female)
Death, death, death, death, alone, alone, alone, alone, haunted, haunted, haunted, haunted. The words kept appearing anywhere, everywhere. To Mati these were the only words she could use to describe the world. Her very name meant "dead greenwood". These three words were the only things she knew really existed. Why? Because those were the only things she ever experienced.


2. Fast Forward

Mati's Point of view

I walked down the same street as always. I could hear the quiet pitter patter of the rain dripping down on the ground forming puddles. This street the street that once used to comfort me at my worst have now become my worst, but there is no way to avoid it. Its the only way I can get home. The streets that once gave my hope now give me darkness. Its filled with death, loneliness, and haunts me.

 Unknown Point of view

Everything about her was mystical. The way her feet softly landed on the ground. The way her face glowed with pure joy every time she walked down the street. But this time something was off. Her normally cheery face had vanished and its place was haunted expression, there was no longer a twinkle in her eye or a bounce in each step but rather a dark and sorrow figure. What was wrong? I had to find out. Could this be the perfect moment to talk to her?

Mati's point of view

Shivers run down my spine causing the hairs on my neck to raise. I shuttered. "tip...tip...tip...tip". That sound? could it be the rain? no no no it couldn't be.

Unknown point of view

She stopped dead in her tracks??!!

Mati's point of view

Someone's following me... I just know it!

No ones point of view

She stoped dead in her tracks as if to observe a tree then turned q uick on her heels only to find no one behind her. A few steps later she did the same only to find no one there. Suddenly a strange rustling sound came from a nearby alleyway. A tall dark figure came out onto the street. The figure manages to lurk in the in the shadows just long enough to jump out and stand directly in from of Mati. With the light of the street lamp behind him his identity remains unknown.

"wh-who are y-you" Mati whispers.

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