Good Girls - 5 Seconds of Summer (Not Famous)

'She said to me, "Forget what you thought as good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught"' - 5SOS

My school is like any other. You have your cheerleaders, your jocks and then there's your nerds. I'm Katelyn. No, I'm not cheer captain or one of the preppy girls. I mean, come on, I'm not even remotely pretty to be in those groups. I'm a nerd. I get straight A's, already been accepted into a top university for next year and I'm a bit of a daddy's girl. I'm not the sort of girl who gets the guy. I'm normally the girl who fantasises over this dream guy who is popular, hot and a total catch... but he doesn't know I exist. I mean, I don't even think Luke Hemmings knows my name!

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2. TWO

We pulled into his drive. His house was huge! When I entered the threshold of his home it looked like one of those perfect family homes, everything spotless.

"Do you want something to eat?"

"No, I'm fine. I had a salad for lunch."

"Then you are definitely eating! Pizza or chips... or Pizza and Chips?"

"None." I siad, crossing my arms over my chest

"Pizza and chips it is then."

"Okay then, but I choose. Just a plain four cheeses pizza. And you are having the chips."

"Deal!" Luke went on the phone and ordered the pizza, I'll eat it but probably puke it up later, just the thought of the fat is making me feel sick. "How about we go up to my room, start this music thing and just chill." The spiral staircase to the upstairs level gleamed in the sunlight. His room had pictures of him and Summer, his friends, family and football. He had a king sized bed against the back wall, in the middle. His guitars hanging on the side wall above his desk where there were two office chairs. Under the window, on the opposite side of the room, was a red love seat. "Come, sit." Luke instructed, flopping down on the love seat. Cautiously, I followed his command. "You were right, you know. About the whole song thing."

"I wasn't serious." I said

"No, just name three of the songs I've written." He said, to be honest, I only knew three.

"ummm... She Looks So Perfect, English Love Affair and End Up Here."

"okay then, She Looks So Perfect: Me talking about how Summer looks after sex. English Love Affair: Me talking about what generally goes on between me and Summer before sex. And finally, End Up Here: Me saying how lucky I am to wake up next to Summer as she's out of my league."

"Yes, but that's one song of many." I said "Have you got any not about sex?"

"there is one" He walked over and grabbed an acoustic guitar from the wall opposite us. "This one is called Voodoo Doll."

I don't even like you,

why'd you want to,

go and make me feel this way.

And I don't understand,

what's happened I keep,

saying things I never say.


I can feel you watching,

even when there's no-one to be seen.

I can feel your touch, even when you're far away from me.


Tell me where you're hiding your Voodoo Doll,

'cause I can't control myself.

I don't understand I want to run away,

but I'm trapped under your spell.

And it hurts in my head,

and my heart and my chest,

and I'm having trouble catching my breath.

Oooohh, Oooohhh,

won't you please stop loving me to death.

I cut him off.

"Is that true? Is that about summer?" He shuffled nervously in his seat, stroking his guitar.

"Who do you think? It's not going to be about Shrek is it?"

"But at school, you two act so loved up and happy. You're destined to be together."

"Why? Because I'm a Jock and she's a blonde Cheerleader? It doesn't work that way Katelyn. I've always been interested in someone else, but she's not 'the right one; according to everyone else because she's not a cheerleader. Plus she doesn't like me that way?"

"Have you asked her?"

"No, but I know she doesn't because she is always hostile towards me."

"It could be a cover. Just tell her!" I can't believe I'm giving Luke Frickin' Hemings love advice.

"Or I could show her..." He said, leaning in closer to me. He put his hand behind my neck and pulled me in until our lips collided. I was stunned when I started kissing back, and I think he was too. Our lips fit perfectly and they moved in harmony with each other. I was pulled to my senses when I realised who I was kissing. He had a girlfriend, who's the cheer captain, who just so happened to be Summer, and the guy I'm kissing is Luke Hemmings. Oh shit! I pull away, still in shock over what just happened.

"What the actual fuck Luke! Are you fucking with my head on purpose?"

"Why do you think I'm messing with you?"

"Ummm... I don't know, maybe it's something to do with you and your friends being dicks towards me at school and the fact I'm a nerd!"

"Does that really matter Katelyn? And didn't your mum tell you that when a guy teases you, he probably likes you."

"I preferred it when you weren't talking Lukas"

"Good" He said, crashing his lips on mine again, but instead of resisting, I melted into the kiss taking in every moment. My hand linked at the back of his neck while his were gripping my hips. He lifted me so I was sitting on his lap, straddling him, and I pulled him closer, wanting to savour the moment. I started tugging at the ends of his hair which evoked a moan to escape his lips, muffled by my mouth. It was music to my ears but I realised how wrong it was, he has a girlfriend who could ruin my life. I pulled away slowly, reluctantly and wishing I didn't have to stop.

"Luke, this is wrong. YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND! I don't want to be your side bitch"

"I'm sorry Katelyn. I'm working towards leaving her but it's hard. Me and her have been together for three years and it has never felt right but she was my first everything. My first girlfriend, my first kiss, my first... you know... You don't know how much I want to leave her but how hard the task is... But I do like you, a lot."

"Okay, you know we can't be seen together at school like this. Summer would literally destroy me, like me and everything that means something to me."

"I know she's been cheating on me with someone. I can tell, she smells of another guy's cologne and occasionally when we 'do the do' she says a different name by accident or corrects herself half way through."

"Why are you with her then?"

"I don't know Katelyn, I don't know..."

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