Good Girls - 5 Seconds of Summer (Not Famous)

'She said to me, "Forget what you thought as good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught"' - 5SOS

My school is like any other. You have your cheerleaders, your jocks and then there's your nerds. I'm Katelyn. No, I'm not cheer captain or one of the preppy girls. I mean, come on, I'm not even remotely pretty to be in those groups. I'm a nerd. I get straight A's, already been accepted into a top university for next year and I'm a bit of a daddy's girl. I'm not the sort of girl who gets the guy. I'm normally the girl who fantasises over this dream guy who is popular, hot and a total catch... but he doesn't know I exist. I mean, I don't even think Luke Hemmings knows my name!

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1. ONE

My school is like any other. You have your cheerleaders, your jocks, your nerds and then there's the other smaller groups like the theatre geeks, goths and emo's, posh girls and your loners. As you'd expect in this clique environment, the cheer captain is with the captain of the football team, and they are totally in love (and they constantly show this by making out whenever they aren't in lessons).

  I'm a nerd. I get straight A's, I have already been accepted into one of the countries top universities to attend next year and I'm also a bit of a daddy's girl. I'm Katelyn, my best friend is Marths. She's dating Kieran, who is also one of my friends and ex-chair of the chess club. Then there's Jacob. He's not exactly a nerd. He's the joker of the group. He always manages to get a smile on my face when I'm far from happy.

  "Katelyn! Nice clothes! Where did you get them from? A homeless person?" Cackled Summer. She's the cheer captain. Just to further the fact I was a loser, she grabbed her boyfriend and started making out with him.

  "Just ignore her" said Martha.

  "Yeah, she's not even pretty. Have you seen how orange she is today? I think she's beaten her record. She is literally 'The Annoying Orange'." Said Jacob, with buckets full of sass in his voice.

  When Summer had finished sucking the face off her boyfriend, she walked past me and my group of friends and tossed her long blonde hair over her shoulder (you know, the way they do in films and TV shows where it goes all in slow motion and you can hear a swooshing sound). I couldn't help but look at her. I am far from perfect. I'm shorter than average height, have thick brown hair that never seems to go right, a figure that is never flattered by any item of clothing and my chestnut brown eyes are outlined by thick framed glasses. I'm nothing special, so why is Luke Hemmings, the football captain, staring at me?

  I slammed my locker door shut and walked to my first class, music. It's my only 'non-core' subject. I put my books down on my desk at the back of class and sat down on the plastic chairs that are held together by the millions of pieces of gum stuck beneath it. Luke walked in a couple of minutes after closely followed by his entourage, I mean his 'friends' and fellow footballers, Ashton, Callum and Michael.

  "Class, quieten down!" said Mrs Brown. "For part of your coursework, you need to compose a song in pairs that fit the theme I give you." I scanned across the classroom to see if I could bear to pair up with any of the pupils in the class. Let's just say it wasn't a hard decision, I can't stand the majority of the kids in this room.

  "Oh, and I've put you in pairs." Mrs Brown added, picking up her ring binder. The class collectively groaned. "I'll call your pairs out in register order. First, Ashton and Lucy." Ashton head butted the desk. Lucy's his ex... and she has some issues.

  "Tabatha and Callum" Callum blushed, everyone knows he has a crush on her. Well, everyone but Tabatha.

  "Michael and Jade." Jade's really pretty, but she's not a cheerleader. She's new this semester and she may have called all of the cheerleaders shallow... to Summers face.

  "Katelyn and Luke." Fuck! No, I can't. Not with him. It seemed like the same thing was going through his head as well.

  After running off the next six pairs or so, Mrs Brown told us to sit with our partner. I didn't budge... neither did Luke.

  "Come here!" He demanded

  "No, you come here." I replied, crossing my arms over my chest.

  "Katelyn, get up and sit next to Luke." said Mrs Brown

  "But Miss..."

  "No 'buts', sit next to Luke now."

  I grabbed my books and slammed them down on the table, right next to Luke. The loud crash echoed throughout the room and left a slight ringing in my ears.

  "So, our theme is misconceptions..." Luke said, not a bit bothered by my obvious negative attitude.

  "So  you want me to do the work, then pretend you helped because all you can write about is sex and how good Summer is in bed. Am I wrong? Is that how it's going to be?"

  "No, I actually like working Katelyn. Who do you think does all of Summers work? Sure as hell isn't her." Luke retorted with a slight hint of annoyance in his voice.

  "Well, shall we start by writing lyrics or the main chords or..."

  "How about we pretend to work today in class, just to get to know each other, and then you can come round mine after school. We can work on it then." He suggested.

  "I don't know... Will Summer be there?" I asked. Why am I so bothered if Summer's there. I mean I don't even like him, I hate him!

  "She won't be. Just you and me." his voice lingered in the air. 'You and me'. It sent shivers down my spine, but in a good way.

  "Okay then." I said "I'll meet you in the car park after school."


  "Hey girl!" said Jacob as I sat down next to him in the dinner hall. "Heard you've been paired with Professor Fluke for a music project. Rotten luck! He'll deffo get a good grade because he's working with you. How does he even get his grades?"

  "Well, I don't mind. I have to go round his after school to work on the song we're writing." I said

  "Be careful. It's the lions den in there." Kieran said, digging into his chips.

  "I'll be careful." I replied in a sing song voice, staring to eat my salad.

  "You're eating salad, again! What happened to you having chips with us on 'Chip Tuesday'?" asked Martha.

  "I'm just eating healthily." I said "The amount of fat on those is ridiculous. I don't want clogged arteries!"

  "It can't be healthy to have a salad at every meal either." said Jacob.

  "Okay then. I said, picking up my salad "I won't have it anymore!" The bowl of salad fell into the bin. "Happy now? I'm going to the gym." 

  "You come back here now!" Shouted Jacob.

  "You're not my Dad!" I shouted back, slamming the door to the dinner hall with a crash.

  I grabbed my gym stuff from the locker and went into the gym. I got changed in a cubicle and wore my galaxy designed sports bra, some black leggings and trainers. I grabbed my towel and tied my hair into a high ponytail whilst walking to the running machines. I put my headphones in and ran to the beat of Bastille's 'Bad Blood' album.

  Running is therapeutic to me. It clears my head. I'm also on a diet so I can get into my dream prom dress. I'm also running mainly for that reason, my figure's improved slightly but it's nothing desirable.

  "Katelyn!" A voice called. Probably Jacob. I shouldn't have taken off like that but I needed time alone. I hopped off the running machine, went over to the punching bags and started hitting them with all my force, trying to release my anger.

  "Katelyn!" The voice called again.

  "What do you want Jacob!" I screamed taking out my head phones and turning around. It was Luke. "Oh, sorry. I thought you were Jacob. We had a bust up and I took off. Hi Luke."

  "It's fine. Is Jacob your boyfriend or something?" He asked

  "I don't know why you care, but now. He's just my friend."

  "Anyway, I was wondering what lessons you had this afternoon."

  "Ummm... IT and French. I said unsure of why he needed to know this. "Why are you asking?"

  "You're taking the afternoon off." He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the changing rooms.

  "Luke, what! I have never skipped class!"

  "IT is all coursework, you can catch it up. As for French, I'm pretty sure you're fluent."

  "I'm not skipping class!"

  "I'm not giving you a choice!" He pushed me into a cubicle and chucked my clothes over. "Get changed and we can go."


  "Do you want me to go in there and make you?" He threatened


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