Just a fangirl (moving to wattpad)

Gemini. Just your average fan girl. She keeps a blog. She has twitter. And of course. She has a favourite band. One direction. Gemini loved them since day one. What happens when one night she logs into her twitter to see she had a mention from a certain band member complimenting her blog she keeps about them?

Read to find out and don't be shocked when there are some great twists.

This will be a short story. Just to see how things go. If I get good results from this one it will be a first of a series.


1. moving to wattpad

hello guys! im so sorry for not updating. there is not any reason, i wont make one either. i hate making excesses. but i am now taking my writing more serious and i want to move this story to wattpad. please help me out! the username is StockholmWriters. there is another story me and a friend is writing on it. thank you so much for the support ive been getting on here.. i really hope you can keep on giving me that support over at wattpad. love you guys!


i will be deleting all the chapters on here as i want the maximum reads on wattpad.

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