The Bad Boy

"If I give you sex lessons you have to go on a date with me " he said smirking.
"Deal" I said and with that he smashed his lips on mine

Copy Right Is NOT Aloud!


3. THE WINNERS!!!(voting is closed)

This was the hardest thing to choose someone for Ashton since 3 people commented for the same person ,to play fair I put your name in a hat and then looked away and picked one .....Samantha you win congrats I'm so sorry for the people that didn't win but don't worry because you can also try again for another book that I'm doing so Josie and Jami keep commenting and you might get picked just to let you know I'm still gettting used to my new school because two high schools became one so they came a middle school and the other one was a high school and it's a new building for me so I'm still getting used to it and I'm also VERY VERY tired when I come home so I sometimes end up sleeping right away and plus I have homework to do

Also LukeIsPerfect16 you will be micheals girlfriend and Ann2049 you will be calums girlfriend~LukesBabe101

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