The Bad Boy

"If I give you sex lessons you have to go on a date with me " he said smirking.
"Deal" I said and with that he smashed his lips on mine

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5. Chapter 2 :Meeting His Mates( Friends)

After we finally were done making out he took my hand " want to go see my mates later?" He said looking at me I nodded my head and smiled he smiled back and helped me of the ground I brushed the dirt off my but and grabbed my stuff

*skip last period*

I went to my locker and put my stuff away while I was waiting I notice some guys gathered around a corner I went around the corner and saw luke smoking with his friends i rolled my eyes and looked at him "are you ready to go?"I said half annoyed by the way his friends looked at me "yea just a sec" he said he dropped the cigarette and stepped on it , I looked at the 3 other girls with his mates they were beautiful good they didn't smoke,"this is Michael ,Calum, and Ashton with their girlfriends" he said we all waved and said our goodbyes he took my hand and walked with me to his house w

A/N don't worry I will make it longer I'm just gonna do this so you guys can stop spamming me xD so I will make longer later this week :)

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