The Station

"Pineapples. That was the first thing that came into my mind. I thought about how delicious the juice tasted and why I had never realised that before. I was thirsty. Really thirsty. Then, I realised I was able to think about pineapples and that I was able to think about the fact that i was able to think about pineapples and that therefore … I was alive. I was alive and thirsty."


4. Anna

My ears didn’t feel like flesh anymore, I would have bet my money on it. (if I had any) They turned to ice. No doubt possible. If those ears were still made out of blood and flesh, I was probably already in hell. Although, I might as wel be there already, I thought. I had been sitting in this position for over two hours. My hands covering my ears, crawled up in a ball against the radiotor, not sure if it was even working. It felt like even air had turned to ice. With every movement I made, the cold air cut into my cheeks. I have to move, I thought. It’s what you’re supposed to do, right? When it’s this cold, and you’re all alone in a train on its way to doom… It’s what you’re supposed to do. I moved my leg. I sharp pain slid through my body. Oh, right. I had been shot multiple times by the Defenders. They don’t defend much thought. They only hurt people when they need to be tamed. Defenders Of The Law is a stupid name. It doesn’t fit them at all. It’s just a pretentious name that The System invented to make the people think it’s a good thing. But anyway, I had been shot. And it hurt like hell. Worse then hell probably. Hell suddenly sounded like a warm and cozy place. Satan waiting by your side and other criminals to keep you company. Yup, hell was a good place. I decided that if I was going to die from the cold, It would be weak. I had come this far, had been arrested, banned, send to Tha Cave, shot multiple times… If I was going down, I was going down fighting for my freedom. Those stupid defenders with their stupid guns. Stupid leg that hurts even more than this stupid place in this stupid train with the stupis cold and stupid me sitting in a corner, doing nothing. I stood up. Pain. Aw. Aw. More pain. God damn it. I cursed aloud, more then once. There was no one to here me scream anyway. I managed to stand up straight, leaning against the window, my face crushed against the glass. For a minute I stood stil, letting the pain flow away. But then I realised my face stuck to the glas. Wauw. Great. Really. I used my card to scrape my skin of the glas, leaving a round, thawed spot against the glass. My card. I already forgot I had it. It was a card with my information written on it. My number (because I wasn’t allowed to keep my name), my age, my gender (as if it wasn’t obvious), my punishment and why. It was my new identity. Number 1065. ‘It’s the new you’ they said. ‘You won’t like it, but it’s your life from now on’ they said. The fact that they told me I wouldn’t like it, made me want to like it. Just to be able to manipulate something. Even something this stupid and small, at least it was my choice. The sound of my number was okay. It wasn’t to complicated and it was easy and fast to pronounce. 1065. It’ll do, I thought. As I thought about these stupid, useless and lame thoughts, the train stopped. It stopped. The train really stopped. Were we there already? U sudden wave of anxiety rushed over me. My heart started pounding. I had been trying to deny the reality, but now reality struck me and I felt weak, like an animal. Unable to move or escape. I was the prey and I was going to die. Well, I wasn’t going to die, but I knew that I’d be far from alive. I heard voices comming from the back of the carriage. They’re coming for me. They’re coming. A loud ‘bang’ sounded through the air. Startled by the sudden noice, I fell back and crawled to the front of the space. A wild scream escaped from my throte and Fear was taking over my body. Then the whole train started shaking. Shaking. The train was shaking. I didn’t know that much about trains, but I knew this wasn’t supposed to happen. I stied to crawl back up, but I fell again, bumping my leg against one of the seats. I screamed and cursed again, unable to control myself. I was freaking out. I was going to die. I was going to die. I was going to die on this fucking train. Right here, right now. My body was thrown from one side of the carriage to the other. I fell a couple of times and hurt le head against something hard. I heard more voiced screaming now. Who else was here with me anyway? I tried to hang on to a seat. I practically drilled my fingers in the fabric as the train swung on. And then, it turned. The whole train flipped over. I couldn’t scream. I couldn’t move. I was using every inch of my body to hang on to the seat. I had sqeezed one arm betwen the seat and the headrest. In a split second, I was able to notice everything that happened around me. Time slowed down as I was flying through the air, hanging upside down, clinging to the seat. I saw my card being thrown through the air, several windows got smashed in and the upper half of the train was being folded in half with my body crushed to the side. My leg got stuck somewhere and my arm turned in a way that I didn’t know it could. A loud bang. The sound of metal scraping and squeaking against metal. And then… darkness. Only darkness.

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