The Station

"Pineapples. That was the first thing that came into my mind. I thought about how delicious the juice tasted and why I had never realised that before. I was thirsty. Really thirsty. Then, I realised I was able to think about pineapples and that I was able to think about the fact that i was able to think about pineapples and that therefore … I was alive. I was alive and thirsty."


3. Anna

I was here because I did something wrong. I did something terribly wrong. I had broken the law, and I was paying the price. A price that was priceless, impossible and worse than anything I could have imagined. Because from then on, everything would be different. My friends, familly… all gone. I was alone in this world now. I was gone. I might as well have been dead. Air had become immaterial. Sunlight had turned into darkness. Everything was just pointless, without them. I was alone is this world now. I. Was. Al. Alone.

Because they took my freedom.

This train was on its way to ‘The Cave’. That’s how we called it. The Cave, was a building made out of concrete. Four walls, one meter thick, twenty meters high and eighty meters wide. That would become my life. He cave is where the country’s most dangerous criminals are sent. Those who have murdered and slaughtered too many people to count on their fingers, those who tried to destroy the country or the system. They’re all sent to The Cave. And I was one of those few people.

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