Amnesia >> l.h/h.s

"Sometimes I wish I could wake up with amnesia." He told me, "Why?" I asked. "Because, I don't have you anymore."

Brianna Williamson was 5 Seconds of Summer's star Luke Hemmings girlfriend. The fans loved her, the paparazzi couldn't get enough of her, and she was Luke's everything. What happens when all those perfect times with #Lianna (Luke and Brianna) are threatened by the one and only Harry Styles, Brianna's former best friend?

Cover made by Txmblr Stxr. Copyright 2014. All Rights Reserved. Masina A.


3. T W O



Brianna's P.O.V

When we got home, Luke had to go out again because his management wanted to have a meeting with them. I walked upstairs to my room, and took my outfit off, taking a nice shower. I stepped out, and threw on a white t-shirt, some grey Hollister sweatpants, and my geek glases. I put my hair up in a high bun, and turned on the TV, eating a banana. 

About halfway through watching my movie, The Notebook, the door unlocked, and about 10 different voices were heard. What the hell Luke! I recognized their voices, and then I easily saw that t was the rest of 5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction. 

I walked downstairs, barefoot. Luke turned around.

"Ah, there's my girl, all dressed up." He says, sarcastically.

"Shut it Hemmings. Hey guys." I said, waving.

"What? No hug? You don't see us everyday like you see them." Louis says.

I rolled my eyes, and hugged Louis, then I did a handshake with Harry, I hugged Niall, Zayn, and Liam. 

I gave Calum, Ashton, and Michael a hug, too. 

"So, no offense, but why are all of you here?" I asked.

"Because 5 Seconds of Summer is opening up for One Direction on tour." 

"What?" I asked, shocked i'm going on tour with 5 Seconds of Summer, now I have to see Harry everyday! Kill me now. He's a major flirt, and since he knows me better than Luke, he's going to flirt every chance he gets.

Harry winked at me, when Luke looked away, but Calum and Ashton caught him, then their eyes darted to me. I was standing uncomfortable.

"Well, i'm going to go finish watching The Notebook. Bye everybody!" I said, waving, and running upstairs.

Harry's P.O.V

Brie can never deal with silence or awkwardness so of course she went upstairs. Luke waited until he heard the bedroom door shut, and then he looked at us.

"Me and Brie's anniversary is next week, and I just want to have a week full of romance. So can you guys help me out?" Luke asked.

As much as I didn't want to help Luke out, I chose too. If it's making Brianna happy. 

"So..........." Luke trailed, then he told us the plan.

(You guys thought you were going to know AHA!) 

"So, you guys in?" Luke asked.

"Yea. Sounds good, Hemmings." Louis said, nodding.

Luke smiled, and the rest of my mates nodded. Luke looked at me, and his smile disappeared. So I see Brie's told Luke about me.

"What about you Styles. You better not spoil it." Luke said.

"I'm in." I sighed.

Luke looked at me again, uncertain before nodding. Why isn't he uncomfortable with the rest of the boys? Okay let's see: Calum looks at her like a little sister, she's best friends with Ashton and Michael, she's dating Luke, she's never really been around Zayn, Liam, or Louis. She treats Niall like a big brother, just like Calum, and then when she looks at me, she looks away. Why am I the special one?

I looked at Luke.

"So, what do you guys want to do?" He asked.

We all shrugged. Then Brie came downstairs, all dressed up. She had on a muscle tee, white skinny jeans, and Aldo wedges sneakers, with bracelets, a necklace with 'Brie' on, and her hair was in a high ponytail. 

"I'm going to hang out with Eleanor, Perrie, and Sophia." She said.

"Since when do you start hanging out with them?" I asked.

"Since when did you need to know?" Brie replied a little harshly. That hurt.

She darted her cold eyes to me, and then she looked at Luke, and her whole attitude changed. She pecked him on the lips, and said bye. She slammed the door shut, and five minutes later I heard a car speed off.

Brie's P.O.V

Eleanor called me earlier, and asked if I could hang out with them. You know get all the girlfriends together. So of course I said yea. I mean Eleanor's a female version of Louis, she's silly, and likable. Perrie's just fun to be around, and Sophia...hmm I don't know yet. (No disrespect Sophia!) 

I pulled up to the hotel that Eleanor, Perrie, and Sophia were staying at. We were in Australia. I walked in, and walked to the front desk.

"Eleanor Calder, Perrie Edwards, and Sophia Smith." I said.

"They've been expecting you. Room C1." The lady told me.

I thanked her, and walked to the elevator, and clicked the '^' button. It opened, and I clicked, C. I waited about 15 seconds, before the doors opened. I walked out, and looked to my right. There was C1. I knocked on the door.

"It's Brianna!" I exclaimed.

I heard the locks go off, and I was greeted by Eleanor. She had her shades on, and she was drinking a latte. She moved to the side and let me inside.

"So, how's Luke!" Perrie exclaimed.

"He's fine, our anniversary is next week." I said.

"Which is why we called you over. We want to help you plan it out." Sophia said.

"All right, so here's what I was thinking........" I trail, and then I explain it to them.



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