A esper in Hogwarts

~A crossover between Harry Potter and A certain scientific Railgun.~

Luzy von Einzbern is a Level 4 electromaster at Academy City. One day, her school decides to exchange her with a student of Hogwarts, school of Witchcraft and Wizardy. Not knowing what's coming her way, she'll meet Harry, Ron and Hermione. Will she be able to keep her powers under control, or will she drag every one into danger?


2. Meeting Harry Potter

All I could see was the blue sky and white fluffy clouds. It was 4.30 am and I was sitting in the private plane that took me to London. My music blasted into my ears, and something popped up on my laptop screen. I forced myself to look at it, since the light was so bright, it nearly blinded me. The thing is, I'm not a morning person, and I probably never will be. I usually hate getting up early, but I just couldn't sleep. I mean, I was going to Hogwarts!!! The most amazing school in the wizarding world!! Who wouldn't be exited?! Of course, i the muggle world, my school is the best, mostly because it's no ordinary muggle school, my school teaches young people to develop psychic powers (powers created using your brain). Anyway, as I turned towards my laptop, I could see that Naomi (my sister/teacher), had sent me a message saying:

''Lucy, as you may know, you will have to hide your powers, especially in front of the students. The teachers and Headmaster know about your ability, so if you have any problems, just go and tell them. Don't do anything stupid, please Lucy. You will be staying at Hogwarts for one year, so try to not get into any trouble. The teachers will be going easy on you, so show some respect and do as they say. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you a few things. You will be in your third year, and you will be paired with Harry Potter, who will look after you. He will also give you extra classes every day, so you can catch up on everything. Don't even think about using your power to cheat AT ALL!! If I find out that you have used your powers, I'll move you to a ordinary muggle school, and you won't be able to go back to Academy City!! I trust you, Luc, so don't make me believe that I can't trust you. Other then that, Harry will be waiting at the airport, so don't just run off, like you normally do. Anyways, I just wanted to say how proud I am of you, and I bet mum and dad would be too.

Love ya Luc,

Naomi xx''

I gasped when I read the last part. Our parents died 3 years ago, when my power went overboard. I can't remember clearly what happened that night, but I also don't want to think about it. I also have 2 older brothers, but I haven't seen them or heard of them since that night. I know they blame me, and I know it's their right to, after all, if I wasn't here, then maybe...

No I thought. It wasn't my fault. Something happened to me that night, something that made me loose control of my power. Something that caused me to get angry, without a reason. A few hours later, I heard the servant that worked on the plane say: ''Dear Miss Lucy, I am sorry for pulling you out of your thoughts, but I am afraid we will be arriving in 5 minutes.''

''Thank you,'' I said, shutting down my laptop and turning my music off. I quickly brushed my uniform flat. Yes, I was wearing my school uniform, since students in my school are required to wear their uniform off-campus. Well, you couldn't really call it 'uniform', it was more something you could wear for work. It's basically just a white shirt, a beige jumper with my school logo on it, and a short brown skirt. I didn't like the lengths of the skirts, so I decided to wear shorts under them. Wearing shorts makes me feel more comfortable, since every boy could just flip up your skirt and look at your pants, but not with me. I wasn't going to let all the boys look at my pants, and I wasn't going to let them either.

I was pulled out of my thoughts again, when I felt the plane land on the hard concrete. My heart was beating faster and faster every second, I couldn't believe I was actually going to Hogwarts! When the plane stopped moving, I quickly undid my belt and took my small bag, throwing it over my left shoulder as I walked out. I felt the wind rush over my face, and my long, white hair waving in the wind. I could feel the burning sun on my plain skin, causing it to tingle. Once again, I looked at the sky. It was beautiful, so peaceful. I wished my life could be as peaceful as the sky right now. At this very moment, I wanted time to stop, just stop, with the wind rushing past my face and the sun shining down on me. My thoughts soon got interrupted when I heard someone shout: ''Luzy!!'' I slowly walked to the other side of the plane, where I saw a tall boy with classes and black hair run towards me, smiling. Being shy and all that, I just smiled back and waved. 5 seconds later, the boy was just a few meters away from me.

''Hello Lucy, it's nice to meet you, my name is Harry. Harry Potter.''

Aha I thought. So this was Harry Potter. He held his hand out politely, still smiling at me.

''Hello Harry,'' I said, '', it's nice to meet you too. As you already know, my name is Lucy. Lucy von Einzbern.'' I gave him my hand, shaking it gently. Ok, I have to admit, I was kinda nervous, but a good nervous, if you get what I mean.

''So, I heard you will be staying at Hogwarts this year, right,'' he asked.

''I certainly am,'' I answered, grinning at him. He was just taller then me, maybe 2 centimeters. 

''Well, I hope you'll enjoy it, after all, this is the first time we had a muggle exchange student,'' he said, taking my luggage of the pilot. Muggle. Great.

''If only you knew...'' I whispered to myself, but he seemed to have heard it.

''What,'' he asked, looking into my eyes, confused.

''Ah, um, nothing,'' I say quickly, waving both of my hands in front of me. Crap, I thought, so I just pretended to be extremely interested in my uniform, carefully doing up my top button on my shirt. Surprisingly, Harry didn't ask about it, but I could tell he was still curious. I felt that I could trust him, I mean, even though I haven't known him for too long, he already started to feel like a big brother to me. It was Harry who broke the long silence between us.

''How old are you?''

''I'm 14,'' I said, now looking into his eyes. My God they were beautiful, I mean, they kind off reminded me of the sky, a shining blue and peaceful. I wondered if his life was peaceful. Well, any life would surely be more peaceful then mine. Realising I was still looking intensely at him, I quickly looked in my bag, trying to hide my embarrassment. My hands moved around the bag, feeling a package like texture. Pulling it out, I realised that it was a package with giant jelly beans in them, which I brought from the 8th school district. They were only a limited edition, so there aren't many in Academy City. Smiling a little, I offered Harry one, who just told the pilot that we were going to go. He took one, giving it a funny look, so I sighted: ''Harry, it's not poisoned. You can eat it, it's just like a giant jelly bean.''

He looked at me, so I gave him a look that said 'I'm gonna shove it down his throat if you don't eat it.' After that, he just put it in his mouth and said: ''Fthats....fgood!!''

I knew what he meant, so I just laughed. I took my luggage off him and started to walk ahead. Then we were walking side by side, talking about what my year was going to be like.


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