A esper in Hogwarts

~A crossover between Harry Potter and A certain scientific Railgun.~

Luzy von Einzbern is a Level 4 electromaster at Academy City. One day, her school decides to exchange her with a student of Hogwarts, school of Witchcraft and Wizardy. Not knowing what's coming her way, she'll meet Harry, Ron and Hermione. Will she be able to keep her powers under control, or will she drag every one into danger?


1. Information

Academy City:

Academy City is a place where young people are trained to develop psychic powers. Based on technology, it's about 30 years faster then any other place in the world. Academy City is composed of 23 school districts, each district having a different purpose. Peoples psychic powers are rated at levels from 0 to 5 (5 being the highest). Level 0 means people have not jet awakened their powers, but might do if they try harder. In Academy City, there are only 7 level 5 psychics. Academy City is located in the western part of England (I know, I changed it from Japan to England). Other then that, Academy City provides everything you need, like supermarkets, swimming pools, other shops, living facilities, ad a lot more.


Lucy von Einzbern:

In this story, Lucy is a 14 year old Level 4 Electromaster. Her idol is a Level 5 Electromaster, Misaka Mikoto. Lucy has white weist-lenght hair ad shiny purple eyes. She has 2 older brothers, who are also in Academy City. She goes to Tokiwadai Middle school, and she is a second year. Her nickname is 'Sniper', as she fires tiny metal balls with electricity, which melt after about 50 meters. She has a lot of friends and is mostly calm, but gets very nervous in some situations. Lucy has always considered Academy City her 'Home', the only place she belongs. She signed up to a exchange program to Hogwarts 2 weeks ago.

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