A esper in Hogwarts

~A crossover between Harry Potter and A certain scientific Railgun.~

Luzy von Einzbern is a Level 4 electromaster at Academy City. One day, her school decides to exchange her with a student of Hogwarts, school of Witchcraft and Wizardy. Not knowing what's coming her way, she'll meet Harry, Ron and Hermione. Will she be able to keep her powers under control, or will she drag every one into danger?


3. Arriving

Harry said he'd take me to his friends house, so I could get some rest before I get my stuff the next day. On the way, we just talked about our lives; what we've done, what we want to be when we're older and especially how my life at Hogwarts was going to be like. Of course, I lied about my school and my family, just like Naomi asked, I even admit it was better that way, I mean, I never liked being the center of attention and this would certainly make me exactly that.

''Did you go to a rich school,'' he asked, looking very carefully at my neat and tidy uniform.

''What makes you think that,'' I asked back, since every uniform in Academy City was neat and tidy.

''Oh, I was just thinking because of you're uniform. It makes you look so mature and grown-up.''

''So are you saying I'm not mature and grow-up,'' I asked, sarcastically making my voice sound hurt. He just looked at me and smirked and so did I. After a few more conversations about ourselves, we stopped at a coffee shop called 'Costa'.

''We'll wait here for Ron to pick us up, you'll be staying with his family and tomorrow we will go and get your school stuff,'' Harry said, then he put my bags down and asked: ''What do you want? I'll pay.'' Usually I don't accept offers like that, but before I could protest, he smiled and said: ''I'll get you a coffee, you just wait here and if you see a boy with orange hair, tell him I'll be back in a second, understood?'' He gave me a playful smile, so I replied: ''Yes sir!'' He stuck his tongue out at me, so I gave him a little wave and started to look around. London wasn't really what I expected it to be but I guess that was because I lived in Academy City, the most advanced city in the world. Crowds of people walked down the street, every one off in different directions. It was only when I felt a light tap on my shoulders that I spun around to see a tall boy with orange hair smile brightly at me.

''Oh, hey,'' I said, nervously trying to start a conversation.

''Hey, are you Lucy,'' he asked back, so I nodded.

''Good, my name is Ron but where is Harry?''

''Oh, he went to buy me a coffee, even though refused,'' I answered quickly and out of no where, Harry appeared next to Ron.

''Hey Ron, I see you've already met Lucy, well Lucy here's your coffee.'' And with that, he handed me my hot coffee and both Ron and Harry started to take my suitcases and run.

''Hey! Not fair,'' I shouted and run after them with a playful smile and my coffee in my hand. I followed them through several streets and alleyways to try to catch up with them. I could tell they were starting to run out of breath so I ran faster, since physical training was part of Academy City's strict training system. Another advantage was of course that I was part pf the security group, 'Judgement', who would stop crime, so I was used to running and chasing people. When I finally caught up with Harry and Ron, I jugged my empty coffee cub in the next bin and raced past them, taking hold of my suitcases. At the and of the street, I finally stopped; having left Harry and Ron behind, I thought about how much fun I had already. They finally reached the end of the street, trying to control their breathing.

''How fast are you,'' Ron asked, looking up at me amazed. I just smiled and said: ''I'm just good at sports!''

''Anyway, I think we should start heading to yours Ron, we need a good nights rest for tomorrow,'' Harry said and I could hear the excitement in his voice.

After walking a little further down the road, Harry and Ron dragged me into another alleyway, but this time, Ron pulled out a set of keys from his pocket and pushed a small, silvery button. Out of nowhere, a blue car appeared in front of us. Ok, that was cool, but what happened next was much much cooler. Harry, Ron and me opened the car doors and sat down, and in the next second, we were up in the air and the wind blew my long hair with it. As I looked out the window, I could see that the car was invisible, again. The weird thing was, I wasn't even shocked. I guess it was because there were abilities to turn invisible that some people in Academy City have.

''You seem pretty calm about this,'' a voice said, and as I turned around, I could see Harry's face looking at me. Of course, I couldn't just say 'Yeah, people turn invisible in my home all the time!', so I just forced myself to smile and shrugged my shoulders. I didn't really know what to say, I was afraid to say something wrong that could let them know about my powers. The truth is, when I was younger, I was kidnapped by some crazy scientists. They wanted my DNA to clone me, just like they did to Misaka, but her clones failed, since her level was too high to get resembled. So they took me, the strongest electro master right after her. They are using my clones for their stupid Level 6 shift, where the strongest level 5 esper is suppose to reach level 6. No one believes they can actually do it, but the scientists have proven that if you kill me 30,000 times, you will be able to reach level 6. Ridiculous, I know. It's true though. They have cloned me 30,000 times and already started the experiment. I don't really want to go into much detail, so I'll just stop here. Anyway, after an hour or so, I could feel the car landing on grass. When we stopped moving, we climbed out and I took my luggage. The sun was shining brightly and I could feel the warmth coming off it. The landscape was beautiful! When I turned around, I could see a massive house which looked like it was made out of wood, but it was still amazing. It looked warm and welcoming, not like my little apartment which was empty right now. The wind rushed past me, cooling me off a little.

''Lucy, this way!'' That's when my thoughts were interrupted. I turned around to see Harry waving at me, so I started running; faster then I ever ran before. My adventure was just about to start!           

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