6. sleepover😝

So then after school we penny boarded too my house then when we got too my house I brought

Her downstairs too my room and then she saw my guitar and said "so do u play" and and I said "ya I learned when I was 8" "cool" she said then she looked at my CD's and said "oh my god Green day I love them can we listen too American idiot?" "Sure" I said then we rocked out for 4 hours till it was 9 then we got tired so we sat down and asked if I play FIFA so I said "ya wanna play I have it here" so then we played till 11 then she asked if she could sleep over and I was trying to not scream out "OMFG YES" so I just said ya sure then I let her borrow a hoodie and I said she could then she went to the bathroom to change and do other stuff like that then she walked out wearing my hoody and her cute glasses that I've never seen of her cause she always wears contacts and her hair in a messy bun and my hoodie was really big on her then she lied down next to me and my sleeve slipped up so she saw my scars and quickly sat up and asked if I cut so I awkwardly sat up and said ya and she said "u don't have to be embarrassed i do too then she showed me her deep scars then lied down next to me and we started cuddling.

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