4. happy?

Then when I went home I went downstairs into

My room and listen too music and "smells

Like teenage spirit" by nirvana turned on

I sang along then went upstairs to grab

A snack and on the fridge there was a note and

It said "I'm gonna be really late

today I'm coming

At 1:30 I had to take over a night

Shift tonight love mom" then I

grabbed a

Snack and went outside and it

was raining so I decided to go

On our trampoline that I haven't

Used sine I was like 9 and just

laid there then It started raining

forcefully so I jumped then

I started smiling and I had this

tingly feeling in my stomach

And I felt happy for ones

And I felt like I just won

A fight of me against the world

And now it's me and the world

It was pretty awesome then I got

Out of my trans and said stop

Luke life is not a fairy tale and

You don't have the right to be

Happy no one does really

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