3. bully

Now I'm going to social study's **sigh**

Then I saw Jessie and I tripped out and dropped

My books "shit" I say so I pick them up stand up

Then find I'm face to face with Brice Jessie's

Boyfriend grabbed my guitar I had around my

Back that I've been saving up for for 3 months

And threw in on the ground as hard as he could

Then pushed the books out of my hand and said

"Keep your attention on the hallway not

The girls in it you little shit"

Then Jessie ran up to him and said "babe take it easy"

"Ya whatever" he said walking away then I

picked up my books and opened my guitar case

To see if my guitar was broken it was

It was cracked so I got up and

Said "bitch" under my breath then walked away

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