a hopeless student

Dyslexia - the word of my illness - the word on my life, and the word on my person. Hopeless cases according to the teachers. Idiot according to students. I was a nobody, I was a zero, I was the one that no one else wanted to be. I was just me!


16. With you

I packed up my clothes and I realized why Jamie wanted me to move in with him. I missed him and I felt almost deserted. He had affected me so much that I couldn't be without him. Yet I realized that it couldn't go too fast. We would start school soon and all wouldn't see at our love with the same mind as our families. It was a little disturbing, but at the same time I didn't want to let him go. My grandma seemed to love being home again. Already the first evening she watered the flowers, cleaned up a bit and it was as if she enjoyed. I stood in the door to the kitchen and I saw how she picked up groceries to the fridge. She saw me and she smiled a little bit. 
"I guess you're bored, now that it's just you and me?" 
I wanted to be honest. 
"I miss him." 
She smiled and she looked at me again. 
"You might meet him tomorrow?" 
I sighed. 
"It's not the same."
She agreed. 
"But you don't know what you love until you are away from it." 

I had to agree. 
"I know!" 
She laughed and she closed the refrigerator. I watched her. It was nice to still be between her walls. This was my home, even though I had only lived here for about six months. Grandma loved me and she wanted my best. Okay, Jamie loved me too, but he just wanted me. I blushed at the thoughts that popped up. I loved his body and I loved his kisses. I loved his face, and I worshiped his gorgeous gray eyes. 
"Call him?" 
I was startled and I looked at my grandma. 
"Maybe he's busy?" 
She laughed a little bit and she seemed almost amused by my assertion. 
"Come on, he's doing nothing without you?"


I chose to test Skype. I still wanted to see his face. He replied almost instantly. 
"Honey!" was the first thing he said, and he sat at the kitchen table with his computer in front of him. 
"I miss you." I whispered lightly. He smiled and I saw that he felt the same. 
"Come over to me!" 
I laughed. 
"No, I don't think grandma let me go?" 
He frowned. 
"Well, if I get to talk to her?" 
I laughed. 
"She's busy." 
"With what?"
Grandma stuck his head through the door. 
"Hey Jamie!" 
He lit up. 
"Grandma, come over so that I may see you on the screen!" 
She obeyed, and I realized that he would convince her. She shone like the sun and I saw that she was happy to see his face. 
"Technology!" she sighed teasingly. "You can call and see each other. Previously you could only hear voices." 
I snorted. 
"Grandma, all talking through Skype!"
Jamie spared no second.
"Can Sara come here if I come and pick her up?"
Grandma just stared at him and then at me.
"Do you want to go?"
I blushed. She realized that I was missing him. She grunted.
"You met three hours ago?"
Jamie put on all the charm as he had and he put his head askew.
"Please, Grandma!" he said with a soft voice. "Can't I borrow Sara?"
She snorted and then she seemed to almost give up.
"Today's youth!" she said teasingly. "Yes, yes, but promise me you'll take care of her."
Jamie lit up.
"Be right there and get you."
I didn't had time to say a single word to him. The picture disappeared and I understood that he was already on his way.
"He's crazy about you." murmured grandma. I blushed and I nodded. 
"I notice that for a fact." 
She sighed and she walked over to my closet. 
"It's better that you gets with you some clothes?" she said, almost as if she didn't like it. I looked at her and I swallowed. 
"I'm not going to leave you?" 
She looked at me again, and she laughed a little bit. 
"I know!" she said kindly. "It feels just like yesterday when you were little and you did need my care. You grew up?"
I agreed. 
"A lot is happening?" 
She nodded, and she took out a bag for me. 
"It's just as well that I'll get used to this." she said please. "It's clear that you should be with him, if you want that." 
I smiled and I was thankful that I wasn't living with my mom. She had said the opposite to me and then refused to let me go. 
"Thank you Grandma!"




Jamie seemed to have it all planned. He drove past the pizzeria. Then we went to his home. He looked so happy and his eyes were like diamonds. 
"We're going to watch movies all night." he said. I laughed and I quickly shook my head. 
"I'm tired before midnight?" 
He liked it. 
"Then you sleep next to me?" He gave me an amused look. "It doesn't do anything if you fall asleep."
He shook his head. 
"I love to lie and watch you when you sleep next to me." 
I blushed and I almost lost my breath. 
"Do you look at me when I'm sleeping?" 
He blushed and he nodded shyly. 
"It's the most wonderful thing there is to do, in addition to sex."

I laughed a little bit. 
"Are you a stalker?" 
He shook his head, but then he nodded thoughtfully. 
"When it comes to you Sara, then I'm probably a big fat stalker."
I laughed and I loved to hear his wonderful voice. He made me feel good and he made ​​me enjoy the moment. When I was with Jamie, it was as if everything else just disappeared. No worries, no thoughts, just us.


He picked up the pizza and the bag for me. I had to turn on the lights and it felt strange to come home to him. Last time I was here I was just a student. Now we had a relationship. 
"Everything I have's yours!" he said quickly. He put the bag down on the floor and then he disappeared into the kitchen. "Turn on the TV or make yourself at home?" 
I laughed. I walked over to the couch and I sat down. It was always wonderful to be home with him. I liked the scents and I loved his stuff. Everything that belonged to Jamie had something special over it. 
"Do you drink water or do you want something else?" 
"The water's fine!" 
I heard how he took out the glass and I heard the sound of crockery. 
"Pizza Salad?" 
I laughed. 
"Sure, a little on the side."
He came out with a large tray. He set down a plate with half a pizza in front of me and a glass with water and ice. He put a plate next to mine with his pizza and a glass of beer. 
"Eat!" he said happily and then he removed the tray. Quickly he was back and he slid down beside me. I nodded a little bit and I took a bite. 
"What movie should we see?" 
He smiled and he pressed the TV box. I noted that he flipped through the channels before he ended up with a film that would just begin. 
"We can see if it's okay?" he said cheerfully. He kissed me quickly on the cheek and then he started to eat.


I enjoyed and I saw Jamie on the sly. Is this how it would feel to live with him? I felt my stomach tingled and it felt so unique to share the moment with him. Perhaps this was what I wanted? A boyfriend, share his home, sharing his life? I had never thought that I would end up on a sofa with such a wonderful guy, but now I was there.

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