a hopeless student

Dyslexia - the word of my illness - the word on my life, and the word on my person. Hopeless cases according to the teachers. Idiot according to students. I was a nobody, I was a zero, I was the one that no one else wanted to be. I was just me!


22. shock

I stood in the kitchen and I tried to look at the recipe how to prepare the chicken. I wanted to become such a girl who could cook good food and I struggled to get smarter. Jamie laughed a little bit and he leaned lightly on the bench. 
"Have you cooked chicken before?" 
I sighed and I shook my head. He was amused, but only to annoy me. 
"Need help?" 
I looked at him and I nodded a little bit. 
"It's needed sweet peppers and onions needed, to be cut and ..." I looked down at the book. "I don't know what's written there, but I think it's condiments." 
He came up to me and he stood behind me. I felt his hands around my waist and he leaned forward. I always enjoyed when he touched me. 
"Carrot." he whispered in my ear. "It says that you need three carrots, darling." 
I sighed. 
"There are too many things!" 
He smiled and he kissed my neck. 
"I'll help you."
I giggled as his stubble tickled me.
"You should shave?"
He also giggled and he pulled his chin teasingly, against my sensitive skin. I laughed a little bit and I tried to push him away.
"I cook!" I said with an angry voice, but he heard that I wasn't angry. He just smiled and he pulled down his hands against my jeans. I felt him pressing his hardness against my ass and I knew what he had in mind.
"Jamie, I..."
He let a hand slide up inside my pants and quickly down between my legs.
"Yes what is it?" he groaned against against my hair. I gasped and spread lightly on the legs. Why did he always make me do it, even when I didn't wanted? A finger slid perfectly over my clit and I closed my eyes. I pressed my ass against him and I felt him lightly rubbed the hard thing against me. He had his other hand to snap up the button on my pants and he pull down the zipper. 
"We can cook after..." he whispered hot against my ear. He pulled down my jeans and panties to my knees and I felt how he took control of my existence. 
"You like that?" 
I nodded and I dropped the knife from my hand. I felt a finger slowly penetrated and got my innermost feelings to flourish. I heard he undid his own pants and then how he moved his naked hardness against me. 
"I want you." he whispered hot. "Now!"
He put a hand over my back and forced me to bend foreward. He then took hold of my waist and he brought his glans against my hole. He penetrated. I grabbed the bench and I spread my legs even more. Quickly he slid all the way inside me and he filled me with hot passions. I gasped and I lost control of my own thoughts. He slowly began to move on his hip, slowly, he increased the pace and quickly I gasped against the counter top. It was almost exciting to stand in the kitchen and do it. I tried to bring up my ass against him and thankfully he took tighter hold on me. He pounded straight in and he caused frictions that I never thought was possible. He let one hand pulling up my shirt so that my skin became visible.
"Come on!" he moaned loudly. His one palm glided over my skin and I felt that he undid my bra. He then had free play space.


I don't know how long we stood there. He pounded hard in me and he groaned aloud. He grabbed my hair with his hand and forced me to stand still. It was as if the world stopped working and nothing else mattered. Right as it was he pushed out of me. Quickly he pulled off my pants and panties. I was giddy. I just felt that I wanted more. He spun me around and lifted me on the bench. Quickly, I took my arms around his neck and he penetrate again. I took my legs around his waist and I felt how he continued to move his body against me. He moaned against my lips and he held his arms tightly around me, so that I wouldn't slip away from him. Jamie took me quickly to the edge. I ended up in that misty valley and I exploded against his body. It was as if my womb totally disappeared up in the emotions. My downstairs part cramped and I moaned loudly. Jamie continued, and after a few seconds, he was the one that exploded. He filled me with cum and I felt him flexing muscles to bring out all the emotions at the same time.


"I have to get something else." I mumbled. "You forgot the condom?" 
He nodded and he panted against my cheek. 
"I know darling. I can call the hospital tomorrow?" 
I nodded and I hugged him tightly. I was tired and I felt totally exhausted. Jamie pulled his beard against my cheek but I didn't react. Instead, he moved on his face and he looked straight into my eyes. 
"I promise to call. You don't need to be worried." 
I smiled. 
"I'm not worried, but I'm tired." 
He giggled. 
"Aren't we going to cook?" 
I didn't know if I could. 
He kissed me. 
"Okay, tomorrow ..."




Okay! I had never been to a gynecologist before. The woman smiled at me and she forced me to undress my lower part of the body. I had to put me on the funny bed and she examined me. 
"So you want birth control?" 
Unusual to talk to a stranger about the part. 
"Mmmmm ..." I got out of me. What would I say? Yes, because I have a guy who forgets the condom all the time when we fuck! I couldn't tell her that and I blushed just by thinking about it. 
"It looks great!" she said happily. "SO what do you want? Pills, implants, syringe?
I had no idea what I wanted. Damn that Jamie wasn't there. He knew for sure what I would choose. 
"The simplest." I whispered quickly. She laughed a little bit and stood up. 
"You can take your clothes on now."


She sat on the other side of the desk and I sat on the chair, where the patients were sitting. She smiled at me. 
"We actually got new contraceptive injections. It's easy and works for six months." 
I nodded and I blushed. 
"Then I choose that." 
She smiled. 
I looked down at my hands. Everything was better than being unprotected. Embarrassed to talk to her about it.
"We have only one problem." she said it with doubt and she became a little more serious. "I need to examine you a little more." 
I was insecure and I looked up at her, even though I was red in the face. 
"Is there something wrong with me?" 
She shook her head quickly. 
"I just want to check something, if you allow it?"




Jamie was surprised. I stormed into the hall and I threw myself around his body. I hugged him tightly and I cried desperately. 
"But darling, what is it?" 
I hid my face against his neck, and I refused to let him go. Jamie made ​​me cry out and he rocked me back and forward slightly. I cried and I was shaking for a long time. I was like an abandoned kitten who had panic. 
"I'm pregnant!" I shouted, just to get the truth out of me. Jamie stopped and I felt him stiffen. "I know, I shouldn't be that but I am and I'm pregnant with you." 
He tried to calm me down. 
"Is it good or is it bad?" 
I was startled and I looked up at him. I saw him through my tears. 
"Aren't you angry?" 
He shook his head. 
"I'm just ... a little shocked." he whispered sweet. "I'm not angry, it's also my fault?"
I tried to calm me down. 
"But we haven't planned to have children and I'm only seventeen years old?" 
He agreed. He let a hand slide across my face and he stroked my cheek. 
"I know!" he whispered. "But you'll be eighteen when you give birth to the child." 
Okay! On my way home I had been thinking about abortion and to remove that little life that was in my stomach. I hadn't been prepared that he wanted to become a dad and I hadn't been prepared for that view. 
"You mean you don't want me to have an abortion?" 
He shook his head. 
I hesitated. 
"Do you think we should keep the baby?" 
He smiled. 
"If you want? It's still our very own little baby?"

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