a hopeless student

Dyslexia - the word of my illness - the word on my life, and the word on my person. Hopeless cases according to the teachers. Idiot according to students. I was a nobody, I was a zero, I was the one that no one else wanted to be. I was just me!


17. School

I sat outside Mr. Paterson office and I heard that both Cath and Jamie talked to him. I chose to keep myself calm and I looked down at my hands. It was as if they had a fight, but I wasn't sure. Right as it was the door opened and Jamie showed that I could come in there. I swallowed, and I stood up. I took his hand and I went in with him. 
"This isn't easy for me." I heard Mr. Paterson say to Cathy. He then looked at me and he wasn't happy about it all. I blushed and I felt that Jamie didn't let go of my hand. 
"Yeah?" he said somewhat seriously. "So you've gone and got together with your teacher?" 
I swallowed and I nodded a little uncertainly. Mr. Paterson sighed and he looked down at the papers. 
"Okay Cath!" said he, as if he didn't like the call. "Your son may stay, but on one condition." He looked at Jamie again. "No kissing in school, no holding hands or something that proves that you are together." 
Jamie nodded quickly, and I agree. 
"Yes, we can keep it private?"
Mr. Paterson nodded quickly. 
"And you say nothing about this to single teacher or student?" 
I frowned. 
"Are you saying we should..." 
He stopped me. 
"Yes!" he almost shouted at me. "I don't want that any other student will get the idea that this is okay. I don't want a teacher who flirts with the students and I don't want students who are doing things to get better grades." 
I pursed my lips together. I just nodded and I felt unsafe. 
"Yes sir!" I whispered quickly. "We keep it a secret." 
He seemed to calm down. 
"And that's all I have to say. If you'll excuse me I need to collect myself. Could you just go?"


Cath stopped us outside the door and she looked at us seriously.
"Promise me you will take care of this nicely."
I nodded quickly, and Jamie did the same.
"Thanks Mom!"
She smiled at him.
"It's okay. I still like to mess around a little in the pot." she said almost teasingly. "And it's exciting to talk to principals."




I lay on my stomach in bed and the book lay before me. Jamie teased me all the time by pulling his hand over my back. 
"Stop it!" I mumbled cold. He grinned and kissed me quickly on the cheek. 
"I'm not eager to learn." 
I looked at him coldly, yet teasingly. 
"Who's the student and who's the teacher?" 
He sighed, and he took his hand away. 
"From the second row." 
I looked down at the book and I struggled. 
"Y .... you ... you!" I realized that I read right. "Ca ... can ... can't ..." 
The hand came back and I sighed. 
He lay down near me and I felt him pressed is hard part against my thigh. 
"Continue, Darling!" 
I sighed. 
"It's hard when you're there."
He pulled up my dress and his hand came over my panties. 
"If I do something every time you read it right then?" 
I looked at him again. 
He grinning. 
"The more right you got in the text, the more I touch your gorgeous body." 
I blushed. It sounded as if he had only sex in the head. Yet his plan attracted me. 
"Touch me where?" 
He let his hand slide down and touch my most sensitive part, the outside of my panties. 
I gasped. He smiled big and he pointed to the book. 
"The next word. 
I hesitated, but I tried again. 
"G ... go!" 
Ups, his finger was moving down there again. I spread my legs and I felt my cheeks became hot. 
"Y ... you ... n .... need ..." 
I whimpered. He let his hand pull my panties down to my knees. 
I swallowed, and I looked down on all the letters. 
"T,,, to.... have hat..." 
His fingers moved. I gasped. 
"A .. a .. a jacket..." 
Okay, this was a torment. I looked quickly at him. He was just amused and he liked that I was affected. 
"S ... shoes." 
I was close to fly out of bed. I groaned. 
"A ... A ba.... bag!" 
Damn he let a finger penetrate. 
"Continue sweetheart." he whispered hoarsely. "You can do more." 
"Y ... you .... c ... can ... n ... need ..." 
I closed my eyes and I felt he had the whole area to shake. Jamie seemed to like it even more. 
"Read!" he hissed, and his hand stopped moving. I swallowed, and I looked down at the book. 
"A....an... um....b....rell....a..... an umbrella!" 
I moved lightly on the hip. Damn I didn't see what I was reading. I gasped. 
"Y .... you ....!"
Jamie let his lips meet my cheek. He pulled away the shirt from my shoulder and he kissed my bare skin, at the same time as the hand took care of my most sensitive part. 
"Y....you,,,,, c......a,,,,,n.. can...." 
He allowed two fingers to penetrate. 
"More ..." he murmured. 
"n...ee...d....need... t.....o ...to...." 
I groaned. 
"h...ha.... have......A wallet!"
The last word I almost screamed out. I threw away the book and quickly, I lay on top of him. We were like mad and it took us just seconds before we were naked and made crazy love. This was the most exciting as I had done in my life. I didn't care if he missed the condom. I wanted him here and now.


Afterwards was Jamie, on his back, next to me and he laughed a little bit. 
"Damn it, that I want to do again." 
I gave him a tired look, and I shook my head. 
"Do you know you're crazy?" 
He nodded, amused. 
"I'm like my girlfriend." 
I nudged him teasingly. 
"I'm like my boyfriend!"
He just smiled with his whole face, and quickly he laid on top of me again. He took my face between his hands and he kissed my lips quickly. 
"I always want you here." 
I just smiled in response. He kissed me again and he looked at me closely. 
"We have been in school for a month now, but you haven't talked about if you want to move in here." 
I frowned. 
"You heard what the headmaster said? If I changes address everyone will understand." 
He grunted. 
"But you can keep your grandma's address on paper, but you live here?" 
I sighed. 
I didn't like the subject. My grandma was alone and I got many times to lie to Jamie, just to be with her alone. Okay that I loved him, but sometimes I felt smothered.
"I just want you to say yes." 
I smiled. 
"I know!"

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