a hopeless student

Dyslexia - the word of my illness - the word on my life, and the word on my person. Hopeless cases according to the teachers. Idiot according to students. I was a nobody, I was a zero, I was the one that no one else wanted to be. I was just me!


19. Our home

It was closer to eleven at night, when I felt the strength just disappeared. We had eaten, danced, opened package and made ​​double of everything. 
"This is the best birthday ever." I giggled against grandma. "And the first one I ever had." 
She smiled and she took my hand in hers. 
"I know, sweetheart." she whispered lovingly. "That's why Jamie wanted to make this day into something big." 
I was happy and I looked over at Jamie. He was talking to his buddies. He looked happy and he seemed almost to be as affected as I was. 
"He gave me his key." I whispered to her grandma. "To his apartment." 
She already knew about that part. I saw it on her. 
"You choose how you want to do." She said well-meaning. "I will have your room in the house and you are welcome home, if you change your mind."
I swallowed and I looked at her. 
"I know!" 
She smiled and she looked over all the people. 
"I don't think I can get used to all this." she said. "A year ago, I wanted nothing more than to be near you, care for you, but now you will manage on your own." 
I nodded and I raised my eyebrows. 
"I'm almost an adult?" 
She laughed and she looked at me again. 
"No, you're an adult and I'm seeing at you that you will do well."


Jamie pulled me into his arms and he kissed me hard. He held my body and none of us cared that everyone else saw. 
"Are you ready?" 
I giggled and I looked into his eyes. 
"More surprises?" 
He shook his head and he just looked mischievous. 
"No, I just thought that we would go home and care for each other. You know?" 
I nodded immediately. 
"Home to You?" 
He shook his head. 
"No home to us!"




Jamie tore off the bedspread on the bed. It rained rose petals everywhere and I just laughed at the sight. He laughed and he looked at me for. 
"Well, darling." he whispered hoarsely. "Ready to continue to celebrate in a different way?" 
I nodded and I felt my cheeks blushing. I felt it drew together between my legs. He came up to me and in silence, he began to strip off my clothes. Slowly, almost seductively. Then he just stood there and he quickly he got off his own clothes. I loved his body. It was so,,, perfect and I couldn't get enough of it. Jamie had muscles, he had a sexy body and he knew about it maybe?


He made ​​sure that I lay down on the mattress. Quickly, he sat below me. He parted my legs and he looked down over my hot body, the body that he already owned. He let his hands glide over my knees, down over my thighs and down between my legs. I gasped as he leaned forward and his lips enveloped the area. I was quick to take my hands over his head, and I almost tore in his wonderful curly hair. 
"Quiet ..." muttered Jamie and I felt his tongue slid over the area. I threw back my head and I closed my eyes. I loved when he did that, licking me, biting me and made my whole body to shake off all the emotions. I moved myself in his pace towards his face and I couldn't lie still. I wasn't even aware that his finger penetrated. I was only aware that he took care of me. I started to moan and I showed with my whole body that I wanted more. His tongue and his lips were as hot pieces against me. I couldn't get away and I couldn't resist. The finger slid prefect over my g-spot and it wasn't long before I was reaching that point where it almost was no turning back. He brought me up, up there, away, far away. I screamed and I pushed his head down towards me. I shook, I gasped and my whole body exploded into a thousand colors. It was as if I stopped to exist for a few seconds and I just dissolved from reality.


Jamie quickly disappeared to the bathroom and he washed the face. He came back to my exhausted body and I saw that he put on a condom. 
"More?" I asked uncertainly. He nodded with a smile. He laid down next to me and quickly he made sure that I landed on top of him. 
"Ride me!" 
I hesitated. 
"I have never..." 
He kissed me. 
"Do it!" 
I sat up on his waist and I nodded. I brought my hip, my hole, straight over his hardness. When I lowered the body, and he penetrated, he took tight hold of my hips and he pushed me hard down over it. He groaned and I felt  how he filled me. I leaned forward and I put my hands on his chest. Slowly I began to move the body up and down. I closed my eyes and I felt it again tingled far inside. Could I ever get picky about Jamie? I realized that I could never satisfy myself without him and I realized that I wanted to move in with him. He forced me to pick up the pace. His hands slid from my hips and up over my breasts. I heard him gasp and I also began to moan. He met me with the hip, mid-way, and in the end it was as if we lost control again. I moved on my body quickly up and down. I felt how he influenced every inch of my body and again I slid into his kingdom. This time it was like a fireworks. It was as if the whole bed was vibrating and I threw back my head. I almost couldn't sit up straight at him and my legs exploded at the same time as the fireworks end up roaring rockets all over my body. I think Jamie reached the same goal, as he was totally still in the body when I fell down over him. I was out of breath and I couldn't think clearly. I was sweaty and I was tired. 
"I can't get enough of you." I heard him gasp against my ear. "You're everything, you're my beginning and you're my end."
I smiled and I kissed him on the neck. 
"You should be a poet?" 
He took his arms tightly around my body and he seemed amused by the comment. 
"Maybe in my next life." 
I grinning. 
"Shall we return to your dreams?" 
He was surprised. 
I lifted my head and I giggled. I looked into his gray eyes, and I enjoyed the moment. 
"You have me, I'll live here, we're engaged." I whispered. "What more do you dream about?" 
He smiled with his whole face. He kissed me lightly on the tip of the nose. 
"I want us to get married and maybe have children." 
I frowned teasingly on the nose. 
"And do you think that's my dreams?" 
He grinning. 
"Maybe not, but I will do everything in order to fulfill my dreams." he became a bit more serious. "And what is your dream and your dreams?" 
I already knew the answer. 
"To fulfill your dreams!"

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