a hopeless student

Dyslexia - the word of my illness - the word on my life, and the word on my person. Hopeless cases according to the teachers. Idiot according to students. I was a nobody, I was a zero, I was the one that no one else wanted to be. I was just me!


18. my birthday

"Happy birthday!" 
Grandma came in and she had a tray with breakfast. I grinned and I felt how my stomach tingled. My birthday! My first birthday? I looked quickly at her and then I noticed the bag, which she kept at her arm with birthday package. I was like a little kid and I couldn't keep me calm. 
"There, there!" Grandma said happily and she chose to place my breakfast in bed table. Then she laughed and she gave me a package. I hugged her and threw me over my job to open the package. I was overjoyed! It was a cell phone, my first cell phone. I also got clothes and make up.
"You're like a little girl experiencing everything again!" she said, a little embarrassed. I nodded at grandma and I chewed my egg. 
"Everything is new!" I mumbled with food in my mouth. "Mom hated my birthday." 
I realized that I wasn't mad at her anymore, my mom. It was as if I just told the truth, but I knew that the truth was deeper than that. Grandma looked at the time and she smiled a little bit. 
"Jamie comes around ten o'clock." she said and then she smiled at me. "I guess he has more surprises?" 
I nodded and I continued to eat.


I had time to shower, put on my clothes and then I inspected the mobile phone. I realized that I had to read the instructions. I heard Jamie, he came into the hall and I felt the whole body cheered. 
"Hi!" Grandma said to him. 
"Is she awake?" 
"Yes, she's up there!" 
He came up and he had no time, more than to walk into my room, until I hugged him. He laughed and he almost spun me around in the air. 
"Congratulations, Darling!" 
I giggled with satisfaction and I let him. I felt it was only playing in my body and I didn't know what to say. 
"A cell phone?" Jamie saw my birthday present, which I had received. I nodded and I wrinkled his nose. 
"But you can show me how it works." I said quickly. "I've never had a mobile phone before."
He nodded, and then he looked at me again. 
"And now it's my turn to surprise you." 
I giggled like a little child. 
He took my hand and he pulled me down the stairs. I saw at grandma that she knew what he would do. He made ​​sure I put on my shoes and jacket, and then he went with me to the car. 
"Far away?" I asked quickly. He just smiled and I saw that he enjoyed the upper hand.


Okay, I was disappointed when he stopped outside his apartment. I tried anyway to see expectant at him. Jamie was a gentleman and he held up the car door for me. We went into the stairwell and when we arrived to his front door, he took out a small package. 
"This first." he whispered hoarsely and expectantly. I smiled at him and I nodded a little bit. I almost tore off the paper. I was surprised when it was a key. I frowned and I looked up at Jamie. 
He giggled and he blushed a little bit. 
"Open the door!" 
I was flabbergasted. It was a key to his apartment. I smiled a little bit and I pushed it into the lock. I opened the door and we went inside.


I immediately saw the rose petals on the floor. A series of a rode with leaf from the door and into the apartment. 
"Follow the track." he mumbled quickly. I nodded expectantly. I took off my jacket and quickly went along the line, at the floor. I followed it through his living room and into his bedroom. I looked up and noticed that the whole bed was filled with rose petals. In the middle of the bed to was a small packet. Jamie follow me and he stood behind me with a smile. 
I giggled and wide-eyed, I went off to bed. I sat on it, and quickly, I opened my birthday package. It was a box. Jamie sat down beside me. He giggled a little bit and I saw that he was worried. I opened the box and immediately I realized what it was. He looked at me with his gorgeous gray eyes, and he took a deep breath. 
"Sara, I love you and I know you said no to everything that I want, but please, get engaged with me."
The ring was beautiful. It was gold with a red stone. I just stared at it and finally I was forced to land. I looked up at him. 
"This is serious?" 
He nodded and I saw how insecure he was. It was as if he didn't dare to look at me, yet he did it. 
"I love you more than I love myself." he whispered lightly. "Please." 
I felt the tears came. Okay, that he was difficult sometimes and okay that he wanted to do everything at one time, but I love him. 
"The school then?" 
He smiled a little bit. 
"We can do school too?" he whispered lightly. "You've become so good that you're doing it all seriously without me."
Jamie picked up the ring and he held it in front of me. I swallowed, and I looked into his eyes. He looked into my eyes and he smiled a little bit. 
"Would you like to marry me?" 
The tears squirted out and I nodded quickly. I threw myself around his neck and I hugged him tightly. 
"Yes.... yes! I do!" 
He hugged me and I felt against my neck that he too cried from happiness. 
"Thank you darling." he whispered hoarsely. "I thought you would say no."


The ring fit perfectly. I lay down on my back in bed and held it in front of my eyes. Jamie soon died down next to me and he smiled big. He wiped away the tears and he looked at me closely.
"Are you sure that's a yes?" 
I nodded quickly, and I looked at him again. I smiled with my whole face and I giggled. 
"So the key means..... what?" 
He grinning large. 
"When you are ready..." he whispered lightly. He lay on his side and he let one hand land on my cheek. He ran his hand over my cheek and his eyes were fixed on me. "I don't want to force you, but you know that this home's your home, when you want to stay here."
I nodded. I felt my whole body tingled. I was engaged, I had his key and I heard Jamie. Could life get any better? He picked up his cell phone and I watched as he sent a text message. He paused a bit and he got a reply quickly, by cell phone vibrated. He lit up and he looked at me again. 
"and now to almost surprise." 
I giggled. 
"More surprises?" 
He nodded quickly and he flew out of bed. He extended his hand towards me and he quickly got me up on my feet again. He didn't let go of my hand, and quickly he took me out into the hall. 
"The car again?" 
He nodded happily. 
"You will be surprised."


Next turn with the car went to a different part of town. I was surprised when we stayed outside a hotel. Jamie parked the car and without a word, he took my hand and pulled me towards the entrance. 
"Okay!" I giggled a little embarrassed. "So we'll sleep here tonight?" 
Jamie just smiled and he laughed a little bit. 
"You know nothing..." 
I agreed. We came into the foyer and fast, we went towards the elevator. We went into it and I noted that we went up to the top floor. 
"Okay?" some more uncertain. "Expensive room?" 
He looked amused and he watched me closely. It was as if he loved that I commented everything. 
"Top floor is perhaps the best floor?" he asked a bit teasingly. I blushed and quickly shoved him. 
"So we're going to have sex?" 
I looked at him with a suspicious look. 
"Nearly sex?"
The elevator stopped and the doors opened. He pulled me out into the corridor and away to a door at the end of it. He knocked on the door, which surprised me, then he looked at me with amusement. I just I just sigh and I heard sounds from inside the door. 
"OK, not six?" I grumbled a little suspiciously. 


The door opened and I saw immediately what it was. It was a surprise party. We went in and everyone was there. Grandma, Cath, Jon, Andy and some of our friends. I just stared. 
I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. The room was filled with balloons and cuisine. There was all things there to celebrate me, just me. I almost had tears in my eyes. Before anyone had time to hug me or say anything, Jamie took up my hand in the air and showed the ring. 
"She said yes!" 
I was startled and I just stared at him. 
"Did all know about that?" 
He giggled and he nodded shyly. I saw that he blushed. 
"I couldn't be quiet." he whispered. "And I asked your grandma for your hand. You don't have your dad here, and she said yes."

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