a hopeless student

Dyslexia - the word of my illness - the word on my life, and the word on my person. Hopeless cases according to the teachers. Idiot according to students. I was a nobody, I was a zero, I was the one that no one else wanted to be. I was just me!


11. Making that

"Where have you been for so long time?" 
I blushed, Jamie blushed. Grandma stood like a question mark and just stared at us. 
"We'll eat soon and you should go up and change clothes?" 
I nodded and quickly I pulled of the wet thermal pants and I took off my jacket. Jamie did the same thing, in silence. 
"You are funny" mumbled the grandma and she went back to the kitchen. I met Jamie's eyes and he just smiled contentedly. It was as if we had a wonderful secret and we loved it. I had never felt so happy before and it was as if all the thoughts just spun around. Jamie loved me, and he longed for me? It was a new feeling and I didn't care if he was my teacher. The age didn't matter. I wanted him!


The dinner was wonderfully good. It was such a food that everyone ate on Christmas Eve and the whole time I was aware that Jamie looked at me. This time he ended up next to me and I enjoyed the feeling of our arms poked at each other sometimes. It tingled all over and all inside me was screaming for more. 
"So how did it go?" exclaimed Jon and he looked at me. "Can you ski?" 
Yes, and I can kiss Jamie, I wanted to say. 
"I'm on track." I replied quietly. "It's hard." 
Jon smiled and he then looked at Jamie. 
"You are a good teacher?" 
He blushed and he nodded a little bit. 
"She's a good student." 
I blushed and I looked down at the food. It was as if everyone was staring at us and it was quiet. Did they see that something had happened? I didn't meet a single glance, and I didn't want them to know. It was a secret.




I had just put on my nightgown when there was a knock on the door. Jamie came in and immediately shook my whole body. He closed the door and then he looked straight at me. 
"You know that this isn't good?" he whispered. "What happens between us?" 
I agreed. 
"I know!" 
He took a few steps towards me. He was wearing only a pair of white briefs and a tank top. I looked at his gorgeous body and I couldn't help but notice that he had a thing down there. I blushed and quickly was Jamie in front of me. He took his hands around my face and he forced me to meet his gaze. 
"I don't know how we will cope with this." he mumbled uncertain and he frowned. "I don't want to use you, but nevertheless, I want you." 
I swallowed. I wanted him. He caressed my cheeks and I felt my whole body fell into his power. He had to take the advantage of me, he could take me, the way he wanted. 
"I wish you were older." he continued. "I wish I wasn't your teacher, but I can't change that."
He leaned over and he kissed me. My second kiss in my life and it was wonderful. I loved his kisses, number two, I was already addicted. He moaned slightly and he took his arms around my body. I raised my arms and I took them around his neck. I pressed myself against him and I could feel our bodies shook with desire. I felt total peace when I was with him and he was the only one who could do what he wanted with me.
"Damn .." he murmured against my lips and then he backed me against the bed. I landed against the mattress, and he went down on top of me. He pushed me in a wonderful way down, and I just smiled by the feeling. He parted my legs and I felt something hard and big landed against my most sensitive part. He then put his elbows on either side of my head and he looked at me. It was as if he hesitated, or that he no longer knew what he would do. 
"You can, Jamie." I whispered and I took back my arms around his neck. He smiled faintly, but I didn't know if it was because of my words or because of what.
"I know!" he whispered in reply, and he frowned. "I have tried not to feel anything for you, after I saw you the first time." 
I hesitated. 
"First time?" 
He nodded and he kissed me lightly on the lips. 
"Yes, I saw the football match that you were part of. I saw how everyone treated you and there was something inside me that just wanted to hug you and say that it will be okay." 
I smiled weakly. 
"You stepped right over me?" 
He nodded. 
"I wanted to say so many things to you, but I didn't know how. I told myself I would be a good teacher, but I want more and I know it's wrong."
I groaned at that, he slowly moved over my most sensitive part. I saw at him that he wouldn't let me go and I wanted even more. I spread more on the legs and directly he kissed me again. He kissed me hard, not suite and almost desperate. I had no idea what I would do and I just followed him into every  movements. His hand slipped down and he pulled up my nightgown. I had no bra on, but I didn't knew if that mattered. His hand looked quickly up my breast and I felt how he got me to respond at all levels. Right as it was, he sat up, between my legs. Quickly he tore off my nightgown. He let his hands glide over my stomach and up towards my face. It was as if he wanted to see me, see all of me and I loved it.
"I can't." he whispered hoarsely and cloudy. "I'm not worth you."
I grabbed his hands and I forced him down on me again.
"That's up to me." I moaned. "Take me before I change my mind."
I plucked up my courage and I tore off his tank top so I could caress his naked skin. Jamie groaned and he gave up the resistance. He kissed me again and I felt how he took his arms around my body. I felt his muscles flexed itself and I was excited. I was horny, I wanted and I was ready to do anything to get it and him.


He let one hand slide down and land in between my legs. Outside my panties, he began to go around exploring and I felt his fingers moved over the area. I moaned and I pressed myself against his hand. He ended the kiss and he looked at me again. He let his hand slide up inside my panties and when he touched me again I was close to exploding. I closed my eyes and I let him do what he wanted. He let a finger penetrate. I whimpered.
"You're tight." I heard him moan. 
"I'm a virgin." I mumbled and I enjoyed. "Take it!"
Quickly, he pulled my panties off. He sat up and he tore off his underwear. I saw his boner standing straight out and I gasped. He smiled a little embarrassed, and he looked down at it. 
"You don't need to worry." he mumbled quickly. I looked at him, at his body and I enjoyed the sight. 
"Then do it!" I whimpered. Jamie looked into my eyes and I saw that he was on fire. He smiled and he nodded. He grabbed my legs and pulled me towards him. Quickly he let his hand move over my most sensitive part. I closed my eyes and I whimpered. I felt that he brought his cock against me, and then he lay down on top of me again. He penetrated. I felt how he filled me, slowly but surely. He moaned and he kissed me. I almost couldn't concentrate. It was like I was filled, and new feelings emerged. Slowly he came in all the way and in the end I was filled with Jamie. He was inside me and I loved it. He kissed me hard and slowly he began to moved on the hip. He slid slowly out of me and then slowly in again. I gasped. He repeated the same moves slowly a few times until I was used. Then he increased the pace and I felt how he got all under my belly to shake.
"You're so hot!" he mumbled against my lips. He moved faster and I could feel his whole body was tense. He was like a god over me and he had control over me. I closed my eyes tight and slowly I drifted away from reality. He pounded against my body and I heard that the bed creaked. I was aware that anyone could hear what we were doing, if they were listening, but I couldn't worry about that. I groaned against Jamie's lips and I let him take me. I loved that he was so warm and our bodies got a thin layer of sweat. I raised my legs and put them around his waist. He slid in so deeply and he loved that I felt how he filled me to the brim.


In the end, something incredible happened. It started as a sensation far inside me and slowly it grew into something more. I dropped it all total and it was like I exploded. I whimpered and I pressed myself against him. I was shaking and I couldn't be still under him. Jamie seemed to like that I reacted. He stopped up and he let me slide through this wonderful exploitation. He smiled at me and he kissed me. 
"It was an orgasm, honey." he whispered hoarsely and he was almost more happy than I was. I opened my eyes and I looked at him. 
"It was ..." I swallowed. He just smiled and he started to move on his body again. Quickly, I felt that he wanted to have the same result. He pounded into me and finally he took the hard thing out of me. I looked down and he came right over my stomach. He moaned and he shook before he calmed down. He lay down on top of me, on all the sweat and his fluid that was on my stomach.
"Was that okay?" 
I giggled and I was almost embarrassed. We were naked and we had made that, which I had never experienced. 
"Yes, and what do you think?" 
He laughed and he looked into my eyes. He put his elbows on either side of my head and he seemed to be in great spirits. 
"Scale, one to ten?" he asked teasingly. "Let's say that you are worthy a higher number." 
I blushed. 
"You get a ten, you can't go over a scale." 
Jamie disagreed. 
"You still get a hundred points."
I blushed again and I couldn't help but laugh. I let my hands caress his wonderful back and I couldn't be measured at him. He kissed me softly. I reciprocated the kiss, and I realized I was totally crazy about him. He was my everything.

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