a hopeless student

Dyslexia - the word of my illness - the word on my life, and the word on my person. Hopeless cases according to the teachers. Idiot according to students. I was a nobody, I was a zero, I was the one that no one else wanted to be. I was just me!


2. First meeting

"Catch the ball dammit!" 
I run and I manage to pass the ball to Eleanor. She's still mad at me, because I took such a time to do so. I struggle and I try. It's hard to belong to the bottom of the class and then participate in team sports. 
"Good Sara!" teacher calls out anyway just to give me praise. I look at him coldly and I'm close to swear at him. Yet I run on and I get the ball again. I dribbles and then I kick it to Perrie. She seems pleased that I gave her the ball. She runs up to the goal and she manages to poke it past the goalie. 
"FIVE - THREE!" she yells and I see how she runs away to the other in our team and hugs them. No hugs me or give me praise over that I kicked the ball to her. Yet, I'm happy and I smile at me self.


"Okay then, are you finished!" the teacher shouts and whistles the whistle. "Next week we will practice more and remember to always be well-rested when you get to the gym."


I take my time. I bend down and tie my shoelace, although it's not needed. I will do anything to be the last into the locker room and I always try to show up when everyone else walk from there. I sit down on the grass and I see how the teacher disappears off. I will be almost alone on the football field. I love the solitude. It's easier to just be and not worry about anything else. I lie down on my back, with my eyes closed. I had really run at the football match. Okay we only played against each other but I still liked to run. Sometimes I put on my gym clothes and ran several kilometers from home, just to be alone, to collect myself and feel the wind against my face.


Someone watching me and quickly I open my eyes. Above me is a handsome guy, certainly around twenty-five years old. He has beard stubble, gray gorgeous eyes and a friendly face. He has a suit jacket, tank top and a pair of ripped jeans. Fashion Magazine is the only word that pops into my head, but how does he know me? 
He smiles, such a smile that can get any girl to sing for joy. I feel butterflies in my stomach and I blush easily. Who's he? 
"I'm Jamie Taylor." 
I sit up and I try to collect myself. Have I seen him before? I would never forget his face. He puts his head slightly askew and he seems amused. 
"And?" I whisper uncertain. He smiles a little bit and press down hands in his pockets. He almost looks like a schoolboy, but his beard reveal his age. 
"I'm here because of you." he says kindly. "It's I who am your new teacher."
I understand nothing. I stand up quickly and I look at him as a question mark. He smiles and I note that he looks straight at me. He doesn't look next to me, like everyone else. 
"Your principal contacted the school administration a month ago. I got the job and now I'm here." he says with the same friendly voice. "I didn't think you would have to go to the office to see me the first time. I told her that I would look you up on my own. And here I am." 
I had totally forgotten about the principal's talk about a teacher. It was as if her promise had been meaningless and I hadn't one hundred percent believed in her. 
"Are you serious?" 
He nodded and he seemed to stand and wait for me to ask a lot of questions. I wasn't such a student. I had long since stopped asking. 
"Okay?" I whisper uncertain. He looks down at my clothes and he sees that I'm sweaty. 
"You know what?" he says a little happier. "Go and change your clothes and get ready. I await for you on the school parking. We can go and have a coffee or something?" 
I put almost in the throat. Does he want to have a coffee with me? I might faint, but at the same time, he's the teacher. A handsome teacher. A teacher who allowed me to fantasize about what we can't do.
"I have lessons." I mumble uncertain. Jamie smiles and he doesn't seem to care. 
"The teachers are informed and you will be with me the rest of the day." 
I just want to scream out, but at the same time not. Are teachers informed? When did this happen? I didn't understand much, but I realize that I should listen to him. 
"The school parking lot?" I ask. He laughs a little bit and he nods. 
"Go and take a shower now." he says almost amused. "Come over there so we can find fun things to do, than standing here and talk?"




I can't say that I was dissatisfied with Jamie, but at the same time I started to get suspicious. What if he was just yanking my chain? He might be one that attracts students and he happens to know that I'm hopeless? Maybe he would kidnap me and then doing stupid things with me? I had seen this happen on TV. Men who claim to be teachers and then they pull with them a student to the woods and making things. I almost got panic and I begin to feel distrust. Therefore, I took the way through school and up to the principal. I quickly knocked on her door and she opens. 
"But are you still there?" she says, surprised. I hesitate. 
"Is it true? Jamie's my new teacher?" 
She laughed and she nodded. 
"Yes, he really is?" 
I hesitate. 
"He stands in the parking lot waiting for me. I started to think that maybe he tricked me?" 
She hugged me quickly and then she leads me out of the principal's office. 
"You're smart!" she says quickly. "It was good that you came here, because I now understand that you really think through your choices?"
I blushed. 
"I'm sorry if I disturbed you?" 
She just smiles and we go down the stairs. 
"No it's okay!" she said kindly, and actually, I start to like her. She's a person who might care about students? 
"What's your name?" I ask quickly and silly. It feels silly to ask, but I have no idea. 
"I'm Olga Dal." she says with satisfaction, and she seems to believe that it's a good question. "I probably haven't told you who I am?" 
I frowned and I quickly shook my head. 
"No, I don't think so?" 
"But now, you know?" she asks quickly. I nod a little bit embarrassed. 
"Yes Mrs. Dal!" 
We come out of school and we go to the car park. 
"This will go well." she says happily. "He's one of the best in the country, thus the students who have different problems, and I know that you will work together."
I nodded quickly. She smiles at me. 
"And he's good-looking?" she says, almost as if she had read my thoughts. I blush and nod. He's really good looking, a perfect piece of perfection. 
Olga laughed again and then we arrived at the cars. I take my eyes up and I see him. Jamie is beside a black Audi and he waves at us. Olga follow me over to him and she chooses not to mention that I had believed the wrong things. 
"I thought our date was set." he said teasingly. I blush and I avoid his gaze. Olga's just happy. 
"I hope you take the opportunity to enjoy the sun." She looks at his car. "Or are you just going out to drive around?" 
He smiles and he gives her a mischievous look. 
"I can't tell you my secrets when Sarah hears us." He says it with a twinkle in his eye. "But yes, we should go for refreshments I thought." 
She smiles. 
"Tomorrow, you get the schedule and we have to sit down and go through what it's to be done."
They talk as teachers do and I try to just be quiet. I look up at Jamie and I almost become spellbound by him. I see on his body that he's a guy who goes to the gym. His beard is well groomed and he seems to care about his appearance. The hair, on his head, is well-groomed, but I see a few curls in the neck, causing me to understand that he's a bit more curly haired against what is seen. He has a dazzling white smile and his eyes are deep gray. Talk about that, he's perfect. 
"The other students, who needs help, you need to put in at the morning for me." I hear him say to her. I understand that it's more than I who gets help. Olga nodded quickly. 
"I think you should put the weight on Sara right now." she says, and I agree. "It's she who needs you more than anyone else in the school." 
Jamie looks at me and he smiles awry. 
"It's going to be fine." he says and I note that he really wants to make a good impression on me. I almost wanted to ask him to stop. I loved him already, as a teacher, and I saw no obstacle in working with him.

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