a hopeless student

Dyslexia - the word of my illness - the word on my life, and the word on my person. Hopeless cases according to the teachers. Idiot according to students. I was a nobody, I was a zero, I was the one that no one else wanted to be. I was just me!


12. everyone knows

Grandma sat next to me and she gave me a Christmas present. The others had begun to distribute their packages. I looked down at it and I was about to almost start crying. 
"Thanks, but I bought nothing to you?" 
She smiled and she kissed me lightly on the cheek. 
"You have already given me a gift, you gave me the opportunity to be your grandmother again." 
I hugged her and I felt the tears came. 
"And you gave me a life?" 
She released me and I had time to see how she wiped away tears. 
I nodded and I took off the paper. I opened it and I saw a gorgeous black dress. I was surprised over that she had hot me a dress. 
"That one you will have the New Year's Eve." she whispered. "And when you want to be nice."
I let my hand slide over the fabric. It wasn't an ordinary dress. It looked expensive. 
"Thank you grandma."


"And here the Santa left a package for Grandma!" 
We both was startled when Jon came to us. He put the gift on grandma's lap and he smiled. She was breathless. 
"But I haven't bought anything for you, I mean to Santa?" 
I started to laugh and I hugged her back. 
"I know that Santa Claus doesn't exist." 
She blushed. 
"Well,,, smart kids!"
Grandma got a wonderful cardigan. It was dark red with a picture of a reindeer on the front. She was thrilled and I saw at her she almost couldn't put it on, just because it was so nice. 
"You are worth everything." Chat said happily and then she came up to me with a package. "And Santa Claus didn't forget you." 
I blushed and I received the package. I swallowed, and I looked down at it. Jamie looked up from his chair and he smiled at me. I understood that he also was behind this. I took off the paper and opened the box. In there was books. There were no books for children, it was for adults, but with that big text as I could read. 
"Thank you!" I whispered quietly and I looked at Cath. "How did you find them?" 
She smiled. 
"I know where you can get all sorts of books."


Jamie took my hand and he pulled me away from all others. We entered the hall and quickly, he took out a small Christmas package. 
"And this is from me..." 
I blushed and I looked up at him. 
"I haven't bought anything to you?" 
He smiled. 
"I know!" he whispered. "But I bought this for you." 
I just wanted to cry. I had got three packages on the same evening and it was more than I had got in my entire life. I almost tore off the paper and there was a box. My hands shook as I took the lid away. There I saw a necklace with red stones and ear pendants that fit to the necklace. I felt my whole body shook. Why had he put money on me? I wasn't worthy to receive such a gift. 
"I can't accept it." 
Jamie didn't care. Quickly he picked up the necklace and I felt how he took it around my neck and made ​​sure I had it on me. Then he picked up an ear pendant and made ​​sure it ended up on my one ear. He did the same with the other.
"I don't care what you say." he whispered hoarsely. "I knew you would say no, but I bought it out of love." He caught my face and he looked straight into my eyes. "Sara, I love you." 
I almost fainted. I just stared at him. He smiled slightly and he kissed me quickly. 
"I'm ready to stand up for our love." he said hoarsely. "Please don't say no to me." 
My whole body shook. Was this a dream? Did he seriously wanted to be with me? I didn't know what to say. 
He swallowed and I understood that he expected an no, but instead I smiled at him. 
"I love you."
He lit up. He released my face and instead he hugged me. I took my arms around his body and I felt just safe. It was as if I came home and I wanted to stay with him as long as I lived.


Jamie held my hand tightly and we put ourselves so that everyone saw us. All noted that it was something serious and it was silence in the room. I blushed and I chose to look down at the floor. 
"I just want to inform you that we..." he hesitated. He was shaking all over and I realized that he was unsure how he would announce it. "Sara and I have a relationship and I'm not going to let her go." 
Grandma gasped, but Cath seemed to almost have imagined it. 
"I knew it!" she said quickly. I looked up and I noticed that no one was mad at us, if I didn't looked at my grandma. She just stared at us and she became almost pale. 
"But how will it go with Sara and school?" she asked. "I mean, Jamie can't be the teacher if you two are...?"
I realized she was right. I was insecure and I looked up at Jamie. 
"Well, how do you intend to help me with school?" 
He blushed and it seemed as if he had planned that piece well. 
"I thought we could hide it." he said softly. "I know that teachers aren't allowed to be with students like this." 
Cath stood up quickly and she came over to us. She looked determined and I was almost afraid. 
"Listen!" she said quickly. "I'll talk to the school and I'll make sure to arrange this for you." 
I frowned. 
She grinning. 
"I know who I should talk to and all you need to do is continue as you are doing. You need each other and none of us will be against you." she looked at my. "I know you are young, but when you get older isn't age so imported."
I heard my grandma sighed. 
"Shouldn't we plan this?" She said well-meaning. "Couldn't you have waited until the summer?" 
Jamie smiled at her and shook his head rapidly. 
"No, because we don't want to hide what we feel for each other."




Cath came into my room. I saw at her she would talk to me and I sat quietly down on the bed. I almost didn't dare to breathe. 
"It's okay!" she said quickly, and she closed the door. "I just wanted to say that I'm really glad you found each other." 
She looked at me and she was totally calm throughout the body. 
"When Jamie broke with Sandy, it was as if he shut out everything. He was devastated, and he did everything to just work, so he didn't have to think." she swallowed. "I thought he was lost, but after he came to your school, he has changed. He's more the son who I have missed so much." 
I had no idea if I wanted to hear. Still, I sat quietly and I listened. 
"He's sensitive and I know he wouldn't be able to lose you. He's so in love with you and I saw it when I met you the first time." she smiled weakly. "I will do everything in my power to let the school look the other way and not destroy anything." 
I was grateful. 
"Thank you." 
She came up to me and she took my hands in hers. She looked straight at me. 
"And please Sarah. Take care of his love and don't make the mistake throwing it away." 
I smiled. 
"I promise!" 
She was happy. 
"I know!"
I swallowed, and I didn't know what more to say. She looked at me dreamily before she released my hands. 
"Now go down to him." she whispered. "He sits on the couch and listening to Andy's boring stories." 
I laughed. 




Jamie pulled me into his lap. I was embarrassed because I wasn't used to doing so in front of all others. He just laughed and he kissed me softly. 
"You are home here." he whispered. "In my lap." 
I blushed and I made ​​sure I sat in his lap. I took my arms around his neck and I smiled at him. He continued to give Andy's attention, although he almost couldn't be bothered to listen. I gently pulled my hand over his stubble, and I watched him closely. He was handsome and he was mine. It was an incredible feeling that was in my body and I couldn't stop looking at him. I saw my grandma in the kitchen. She sat and talked with Jon. It felt good that the truth was out and I was one of the happiest in the world. I had everything I needed. I had Jamie and I had a grandma.







Will be more... ^^

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