a hopeless student

Dyslexia - the word of my illness - the word on my life, and the word on my person. Hopeless cases according to the teachers. Idiot according to students. I was a nobody, I was a zero, I was the one that no one else wanted to be. I was just me!


15. Dreams

Jamie lifted me into the room. He put me down on the floor and he looked at me with burning eyes. 
"In fifteen minutes, it's a new year." he whispered hoarsely. He was quick to pull down the zipper on my dress and I giggled. 
"Is this how you want to celebrate the new year?" 
He nodded and he let the dress slip off me. He looked down at my body. 
"Just take off your panties." 
I blushed, but I ended with that as quickly as he began to pull off his clothes. I looked mockingly at him and I let a finger slide inside my panties. I pulled them down slowly and his eyes got bigger. I saw that he was horny and he wanted me now. It was a wonderful feeling, almost intoxicating. 
"Damn you are so sexy." he groaned and threw the shirt on the chair. He tore off his shoes and socks. "Make sure to get them now!"
I obeyed him. He tore off his pants and the underwear he pulled off quickly. He took out a condom and it was like he couldn't wait any longer. He put it over his boner. 
"Come on!" 
I was surprised when he pulled me close to him. He took his hands under my butt and he lifted me up quickly. 
"Your legs around my waist!" 
I obeyed him. He held his hands tightly under me and he lifted me up so that his cock was against my hole. Slowly he lowered me down and I quickly took my arms around his neck. He lowered me down all the way and I moaned loudly. 
"Now it's as it should be." he murmured against my neck and I closed my eyes. I felt how he calmed down and then he started to move on the hip. I hung all over him and I felt how he was flexing his muscles. He held me tight and he was intense. It was as if we both wanted to do everything and we didn't get enough.


It didn't take long time until he pushed me up against the wall. He was like a mad man inside me and he started to kiss me hard. I moaned against his lips, and I followed in his motion. He moved hard to me and he pounded me into the wall. I ended up in the mist country and I chose to just enjoy. He took control of the smallest inch of my body, and he took all me in his power. I didn't want anyone but him and I wanted to be forever his. 
"I love you so much." he moaned and he ended the kiss. He looked straight into my eyes and I saw just pure love. His gray eyes burned with desire, and he showed how much I meant to him. His eyes got me to let go. My lower part began to tingle. Somewhere in the thump against the wall, he caught up my inner strength. I closed my eyes and I gasped. It all ran down, I fell, I expandera and I screamed. It was as if the whole world just spun around and I couldn't even tell who I was. I shook, I exploded and eventually I landed against the wall. 


I felt how he struggled to reach the end. He brought quickly in his hard part and right as it was, he stopped and he pushed it into me. He shook and he pressed his face against my neck. Some more movements and then it was as if the cramps released from his mind. 
"Happy new year!" he moaned against my neck. I held my legs and my arms tightly around him. 
"The same to you." I gasped. "Happy new year!" 
He laughed a little bit and then he took it out of me. He put me down on the floor and he kissed me. I heard rockets were shot into the sky and I heard the whole sky exploded outside. This was our first New Year.




"Are you ready?" 
Grandma came in to my room and I nodded. The bag was packed and we would go home. It felt sad to leave this room, where everything had happened. I noticed a stain on the wall and I smiled a little bit at the memory. 
"I'm done!" 
She nodded happily. 
"And you have everything with you?" 
I nodded and I walked past her, out in the hall. 
"Yes grandma, everything's included." 
She was happy. She followed me down the stairs and it was as if she was nervous. 
"Take it easy!" I said quickly to her. "We are going home tonight." 
She nodded, and she blushed slightly. 
"I'm not used to leave a house like this, but I may have to get used to it?" 
I laughed and I nodded. 
"Yes, we live life for once?"


I did no more than sit down at the seat in the car, until Jamie took my his. He smiled at me and he squeezed my hand tenderly. 
"Next year we have to come back here?" he whispered with amused eyes. I blushed and I nodded. 
"If you want?" 
He released my hand and he started the car. 
"I want to do everything with you." 
Grandma opened the back door and jumped in. Directly we changed the subject. 
"Ready?" Jamie asked her and she nodded. 
I laughed. 
"Sleep or read a book. Just take it easy."
She closed the door and she nodded. 
"I know!" Then she looked at Jamie. "And you take it easy on the road. We never know when accidents can happen." 
He laughed. 
"I promise."


It felt weird going back home. On the way there I had been a completely different person. In just one week I had got it all, I had a boyfriend, ad made love, kissed Jamie and taught me more about my mom than ever. Talk about life changing fast? I was still the same me, but at the same time not. It was as if I had matured, or that I had been given more insight.


"What are you thinking?" 
I smiled at Jamie. 
He laughed a little bit. 
"Shall we catch up the subject again, with dreams?" 
I frowned. 
"And why is it so important for you to talk about dreams?" 
He smiled at me. 
"Because the way over here, I wanted to be in your dream." 
I blushed. 
"You were in my dream." 
"But you didn't say that to me?" 
I laughed. 
"And what would I have said?" 
He was amused. 
"Jamie, you are my dream." he said with a lighter voice. I laughed even more. 
"Okay, Jamie, you are my dream and now I have you."
He was happy. 
"And do you have more dreams than me." he gave me a quick glance. "You could dream of more to do with me?" 
I noted that grandma slept. I looked at him again. 
"Since you ask, you must already have figured out what you would like?" 
He nodded and he became a bit more serious. 
"I wish ..." He hesitated. "There are many things I want." 
I looked at him closely. God how wonderful profile he had. He had a little stubble, but I'd get him to remove it one day. 
"Name one thing?" 
He hesitated. He gripped the steering wheel and he seemed to think long before answering. 
"That you will move into my apartment."
I was startled. It was unexpected? I just stared at him, so long time that he almost regretted it.
"I mean .. it's a dream!" he defended himself with. "And you might possibly one day want to marry me."
I swallowed.
"This is serious stuff Jamie?"
He nodded.
"But it's my dreams." he gave me a quick glance. "But it doesn't need to happen today or tomorrow."
I smiled uncertainly. Did he mean that he already wanted me to move into his apartment? I wasn't ready for it and I still had school to think about, my future.
"Can I think about it?"
He nodded. He didn't look disappoint, but he expected a different answer.
"Of course, you may think about my proposal, sweetheart."

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