Two sides of one Mirror

One mirror, two young girls who find out a dark secret and three ways they can die.


1. Chapter 1

Storm clouds hung in the air dulling the normally cheery town. Rain continued to pour soaking anyone who was dumb enough to walk out in it.

I walked down the street just after school like any other day. My long blonde hair falling out of the bun I had stuffed it into this mourning. I pulled my coat tighter around me as the pouring rain seemed to get harder. As I reached my destination a car rushed past crashing through a puddle turning it into a giant wave. I spun round then cringed as I felt the cold droplets slither down my back. So that I didn't get anymore soaked then I was, I rushed inside the small antique shop that was my part time job.  

I smiled as familiar old scent caressed my nostrils.I slowly made my way through looking at the dusty shelves and books. I ran my hand over each individual spine, no two books the same.

"Is that you Amie?" I heard the gentle yet elderly voice call from the back room.

"Yeah Miss Rodrick its me" I heard shuffling then she appeared from behind a huge stack of boxes.

"Oh good could you give me hand with these?" I nodded then grabbed the box on top. Miss Rodrick smiled then hobbled into the back room me following soon after. I smiled as we made our way into the cramped yet cosy room. She set her box down upon the table that occupied the corner.

"You can just set that down anywhere dear" My eyes quickly assessed the room for the best spot for the box that contained china dolls. I decided to set them down on the shelf that rested against the left wall. Miss Rodrick shuffled back into the main room as the bell rang signaling a customer. 

"Welcome to One of a kind how can I help?" the familiar saying rang through the air.

"I was looking for a specific book do you think you could have it in?" The person was clearly a man and clearly German.

"um I'm not sure could you tell me the name?" I heard the rustle of clothing as the man pulled out a small piece of paper.

"It's written on here, I'll be back tomorrow for it" With that the man tipped his head lower and made his way out of the store. Miss Rodrick stared at the door a puzzled look on her elderly features.

"Amie!" I snapped to attention and then groaned. I watched as the bundle of pink and purple rushed towards me. I plastered a fake smile as she stopped.

"Hi mum How are you?" Neon pink eye shadow, dark and thick mascara , bright red lipstick and pink blush covered her face. Her bleach blonde hair in tight curls, her emerald eyes bored deep into my own as she gave me a glare.

"I'm fine but how many times have I told you! You need a better job then this old dump!" I rolled my eyes as she went on and on about how this job wont get me any friends and how I'll never get a boyfriend then die all by myself.

"I dont care mum! I love this job now I've got to get back to work so goodbye!" I pushed her out of the shop then slid down the door tears threatening to roll down my cheeks. That women is not my real mum but she acts like she is. My real mum left me when I was little. Miss Rodrick sat down beside me and rubbed small circles on my back trying to soothe me. I leaned into her hand and closed my eyes letting her gentle strokes calm me down. Sometimes I wish my mum hadnt left me with that she beast but then again we don't why people do the things they do.

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