You come back from holiday,a new family has moved in next door,but the boy,you couldn't stop thinking about much you loved him...

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5. stay for the night


He was so sweet he held my waist so I wouldn't move,he was just smiling at me.his deep dimples and his cute laugh.

"Hey come have a drink you guys"Luke called us over and ashton helped me swim out of the deep end.i swam the rest if the way to the shallow end if the pool after that keeping up with Ash.

"Here wrap this towel around you so you don't get cold"Ashton handed me a plain white towel and I wrapped it around me.


"It's ok here have a drink"Ash passed me a blue drink which was in a glass bottle.

By the 3:00am everyone of us were drunk.especially Michael.😆

"Agh I've lost it!"Michael yelled.

"Lost what?!?"the rest if us yelled.

" floor"Michael screamed.

Luke got up and whispered something in Michaels ear,I don't know what but it must of been a joke because they couldn't stop laughing and eventually fell on the floor.

I'd been there for hours now and in sure my num was wondering where I was."I...I'm going"I told the boys.

"Awe No stay"Ashton moaned and stuck out his bottom lip as he stood up and come over to me.

"Fine one more hour"

"Nope,no no no your staying here with me,it will be too late for you to go home"

"I live next door to you ash"

Time passed and and we decided to go inside,Calum and Michael went to sleep but me,ash and Luke weren't as tired.therefore we watched some movies.

"I'm going to bed"Luke said as he got up and walked into the wall as he tried opening the door."

I turned to ashton to see him falling asleep.

"Ash,wake up"

"Huh what?,I'm tired"

"I'll take you upstairs"I replied,he slowly got up and so did I,I walked him upstairs to his room which was covered on posters and had a double bed.

"Here you can wear this"he passed me one of his tops which had blink 182 printed on,he took off his swimming shorts and put some normal shorts on he then climbed into his bed and fell asleep.

I did the same I layed down next him but facing the opposite way...

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