You come back from holiday,a new family has moved in next door,but the boy,you couldn't stop thinking about much you loved him...

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4. pool party

Ashton POV

I stepped outside and stopped straight away.

Y/N was in the pool you fighting with Calum.i hope they aren't into each other" thought to myself.

Suddenly Y/N turned around to see me standing near the kitchen door staring at her I could see her brown eyes twinkling,her dimples and her big smile as she looked at me.

"Come and join us!"she shouted over to me."one minute!"I shouted back as I put the drinks on the table outside and ran to my room to put my black swimming shorts on.

I ran into the bathroom and picked up a couple of towels and ran as fast as I could back downstairs.

As I got outside no body was in the pool but they were all stood around it cheering Y/N on to jump in the pool which was more than 20 meters deep.

I got weary because Calum said to her "your either jumping or getting pushed in!"

Then i stepped in.

I swam into the pool where Y/N was either gonna get pushed in or she'd Jump in herself.

"Jump I'll catch you!"

"Haha lover boys gonna save you!"Luke shouted,the boys couldn't stop laughing but I felt really embarrassed by what they said.

"Shut up guys!"I moaned at them.

"Are you sure you will catch me?!?"Y/N said to me.

"Yeah you can trust me,just jump"I nicely comforted her so that she wasn't as nervous.


Before I new it we were under water in seconds,out feet touching the pool floor and our eyes somehow open,slightly smiling but so that our mouths aren't open,our hands linked just like our eyes.

We manage to pull ourselves up so our heads are underwater,she can swim but she's struggling because she's scared of drowning.

"Finally she done it"the boys cheered and sat down the chairs they were sat on outside before.

"What do we do now?"Y/N asked me still struggling to breath,I could tell that she was still abit scared but most if all I could tell that she trusted me.

I let her hands go but all of a sudden she panicked and started to move below the water.I quickly grabbed her by her waist and pulled her closer to me so that she wouldn't move any where she didn't want to go.

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