You come back from holiday,a new family has moved in next door,but the boy,you couldn't stop thinking about much you loved him...

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6. morning


I slowly opened my eyes which adjusted to the was bright outside and I wasn't at home.

I suddenly realized what had happened last night and that my parents would be worrying about where I'd be.therefore I slowly lifted the covers off me trying not to wake Ash but of course I failed...

"Morning..."ashton said whilst trying to open his eyes.

"Morning,I' going to go home,thanks for. Everything,I'll see you later".

"Oh right,yeh I guess I'll see you later"he said as he sat up and grabbed his phone from the table next to his bed.

I quickly changed into my clothes and rushed home,realizing that nobody was in I decided to take a shower and to watch tv.


My phone buzzed and I was surprised that it was a message from Ashton?

'R u comin over me and the boys are gonna do rehearsals x -ash'

I messaged back almost straight away

'Yh sure be there in 10 X'

With that I put my clothes and shoes on and headed to my 'neighbors'


Sorry for not updating I have been extremely busy but i promise that I will update.oh yeah so about this boring chapter lol 😜

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