You come back from holiday,a new family has moved in next door,but the boy,you couldn't stop thinking about much you loved him...

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2. becoming friends with the boys

Ashton POV

I can't believe I embarrassed myself like that,how could I?,I don't ever know her name!

"Hey sorry but what did you say your name is again?"my voice wasn't shaking as much as it was before,so that was okay.

"I didn't say but it's Y/N anyway "Her voice was as beautiful as she was.But is she into me as much as I'm into her?


He's so cute and I can't tell that he likes me and I like him to but waiting for him to make the move.He passed me my drink I and we both went outside and sat by their pool."thanks for the drink by the way"

"Don't think Ashton would ever mind giving you a drink "Luke laughed and stood by the pool.Ashton sneakily crept behind Luke and pushed him in the pool.Everyone was laughing and for the rest of the time I had with them we were just laughing and having fun.By the end of the night Calum and Michael had told me how my old neighbors moved out and the wanted a place of their own in Australia and they found this one.

"Hey guys I'm going to go and get some drinks from the kitchen I won't be a minute"Michael started to walk the kitchen."wait I'll help you!"Ashton jumped out of his seat and followed Michael.

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