Topic's Shadownight Drawings -Shadownights only-

Hey Shadownights!
I know Secrets Shadownight is doing some of these but I thought that I would do some too if you felt like applying for one I'll draw it as soon as I can. They will be hand drawn on lined or plain paper and I will upload them as soon as possible. Hope you will apply!
Tops :D


1. Apply

Ok. I know Secrets Shadownight has been doing these with online materials and he's pretty damn good at them but I thought that it wouldn't hurt to draw some of the people of the shadownights up! If you are a shadownight and want one please fill in this form type thing in the comments below :)


Hair colour:

Eye colour:



Extras (i.e. Swords, Daggers):





Thankies all who apply! I shall get them done asap!

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