So Long and Goodnight

Supernatural Destiel AU where Castiel isn't an angel anymore and is in love with Dean.
Punk!Cas Nerd!Dean


4. Just like a match you strike to incinerate.

Cas returned to the ward Dean was on after going to get coffee and pie for him.

He heard shouting coming from Dean's room and sighed.

"No! Get that son of a bitch away from me!" Dean shouted.

Cas walked into the room and couldn't help but laugh. Dean was sat on the very edge of his bed and the nurse on the other side holding a long, shiny needle filled with liquid.

"Cas!" Dean yelled, noticing him standing by the door.

"Tell her to get that thing away from me!" He moved so he was crouching by the side of the bed, eyes never leaving the needle in the nurses hand.

"Dean. It's just a needle. It'll stop the pain!" Cas said, trying to calm Dean.

"I don't care! I'll take the damn pain over a needle!" He screeched.

The nurse sighed tiredly and put down the needle.

"You have to have it at some point, Dean." She said before leaving.

"That's what you think." Dean muttered before standing up straight and going over to the cassette player and putting on "Smoke on the water" loudly.

He ran into Cas' arms, nearly knocking over the coffee and pie. He looked down at the box in Castiel's hand and raised an eyebrow.

"Pie?" He asked hopefully.

Cas nodded his head before placing his lips on Dean's.

Dean pulled them both over to sit on the bed and wrapped his arms around Cas' neck.

Castiel placed his hands on Dean'a hips, steadying them both so they didn't fall back.

"Ah pie can wait." Cas heard Dean say under his breath.

Dean bit down gently on Cas' lip and tugged on his lip ring with his teeth.

"Are you being serious?" Cas said, pulling away and finally understanding why Dean put the music on so loud.

"What? I've just been in a coma. Can't a guy get some love?!" Dean asked defensively.

"Dean. We're in a hospital? Anybody could just walk in the door and see us!" Cas said as he crossed his arms across his chest.

"Well I guess we'll have to do something about it then." Dean said with a grin on his face, crossing the room and locking the door.

"Better?" Dean asked smugly.

"Dean!" Cas whined.

"C'mon baby. Haven't you missed this?" He asked, climbing onto Cas' lap and straddling him.

"For a nerd you're kinda pushy." Cas muttered under his breath in defeat.

"You know I heard that." Dean said, pressing his forehead against Castiel's.

"Of course you did."

"Don't ruin it." Dean said, sticking his bottom lip out and poking Cas in the chest playfully.

Castiel pulled Dean's body against his and shoved his lips onto his roughly, tracing the entrance to Dean's mouth lightly.

Dean moaned quietly as he let him enter. He tugged on the hem of Cas' shirt and and slid his hand up the shirt.

Cas sighed as Dean trailed his hand over his chest, he gripped Dean's thighs tightly and leant into the kiss, their lips never parting once.

Dean's free hand slid down to the zipper of Cas' pants making Cas groan against his lips as Dean's hands ghosted over his crotch.

Castiel nimbly pulled off his pants before pulling off Dean's hospital pants with ease.

He pushed his lips into Dean's again, twisting his fingers into his love's short hair.

They both jumped when there was a knock on the door.

"Guys?" Said Sam's voice from outside of the door.

"Shit." Castiel cursed, hurriedly pulling his pants on and Dean doing the same.

He unlocked the door and let Sam in.

"Hey- are you guys okay? Why was the door locked?" Sam asked in suspicion.

Only then did Cas realise they were both rosy cheeked and panting slightly.

"Oh uh. Yeah. We're fine. Dean locked it so the nurse couldn't come back with the needle." Cas quickly said.

"Oh. Okay then." Sam said before turning to talk to Dean, completely unaware that right where he was sitting was the place his own brother and his boyfriend nearly fucked.

Cas couldn't help but giggle at the thought but neither Dean nor Sam noticed.

**1 day later**

Castiel lay in his bed, staring at the ceiling and tracing patterns with his eyes thinking about Dean.

He had only seen him for an hour yesterday but he had seemed more tired than before.

Other than that he couldn't help but think of growing old with Dean, arguing over what movie to watch and just being with Dean every second.

It took him a while to realise that there was a flood of tears streaming down his cheeks. After telling himself that he was being stupid, he wiped them away roughly with the sleeve of his sweater.

His eyes were going to be puffy.


Cas got up and dressed in his black skinny jeans and a Misfits t-shirt, trying (and failing) to tame his hair and putting most of his piercings back in.

He nibbled a little on a piece of toast- he didn't really eat that much. He was never really hungry.

After cleaning up he met Sam at the hospital parking lot and they walked in together.

"Uh. We're here to see Dean Winchester?" Sam said to the secretary on the ward.

"Oh. Let me just go and get the doctor." She said, frowning slightly at him.

"That's weird?" Sam said to Cas.

"I guess."

"Dean Winchester's family?" The doctor said when he came.

"Yeah. Can we not see him?" Asked Cas.

"Well... Dean is in a critical condition. We're not sure what happened but he's returned to the coma. It happened last night after he fell asleep and we haven't been able the wake him up."

Castiel felt the wind being knocked out of him as he fell to the floor and blacked out.

"Cas? Cas!" He heard a distant voice shout.

He opened his eyes groggily, had he fallen asleep?

"Oh thank god!" The voice said again. Cas recognised it as Sam's.

He must've fallen asleep. He had a dream about Dean being back in the coma.

He sat up and looked around. He was in the hospital.

"Where's Dean? What am I doing here?" He asked, frantically searching for Dean.

"Cas, the doctor just told you that Dean is in a coma again. You blacked out." Sam was fighting to keep the worry out of his voice and stay calm.

"No." Cas said quietly.

"No. No. No. No." He said louder.

"This can't happen. He's supposed to be okay and we were going to grow old and-" at that point he couldn't keep the tears from spilling down his cheeks and Sam hugged him.

"He's going to wake up again Cas. He woke up once and he'll do it again."

Castiel wasn't convinced but tried to smile and nod at Sam.

If he didn't have hope, what did he have?

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