May Winters Novel: Friend or Freak?

May Winters is an actress who has enough stress already. But the stress doubles when her boyfriends cheats on her with an unknown girl, someone is spreading rumors about Daisy and, her best friend (Daisy) is getting annoying. May has to stay true to herself and try not to explode. But what happens if the press finds out and May loses her best friend? Will they reunite FOR REAL or will May's acting career end?


2. Ugh!

~ I kinda wanted it to be easier to read so I put it into a play type script when they talk. I also added emojis so you can see their exspressions! Enjoy! 😉😁~

When I walled over to Daisy who was staring at her phone and scrolling down the screen frantically, I knew something was wrong.

Daisy: Omigosh! Omigosh! omigosh!😩

May(me): What's wrong, Daisy? *bites nails*😟

Daisy: Look! 😫Someone put sonething online about me having cancer! Only you and a few other people I trust know that! Or KNEW! I had cancer but now I'm cured! 😰

She shoves the phone towards me. I want to tell her that the picture of her "in the hospital" is photoshopped OBVIOUSLY! But I don't want to sound uncertain. So instead I just say,

May: Definitely photo shop dummy! 😅

Daisy: 😥Really? I hadn't even noticed. I got so caught up in the headline I didn't even see that little hospital sign in front of my hospital bed! 😯Ooooo! So I guess this was all just some stupid prank of sone kind! Whatevs LOL!😄

May: So ready to go?

Daisy: Yes. Ew. The question is are you? Ugh!

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