May Winters Novel: Friend or Freak?

May Winters is an actress who has enough stress already. But the stress doubles when her boyfriends cheats on her with an unknown girl, someone is spreading rumors about Daisy and, her best friend (Daisy) is getting annoying. May has to stay true to herself and try not to explode. But what happens if the press finds out and May loses her best friend? Will they reunite FOR REAL or will May's acting career end?


1. Aaaaand, Cut!

"You are the one I want! Not her! You Lexi! You!" He said. And just as fast as he admit it...I ran. "You are so stupid,Lexi! I can find you. Just like this!" And then he ran. He was faster than me and Dawn. Way faster. He grabbed me and Dawn screamed.

She screamed with all her might for me. Not after we just found eachother. Not this soon! "Dawn! Run! He said he wants me and now you're okay! I'll be okay!" I yelled.

I yelled because I was scared. She stared in horror. Her breathing was sharp. "Don't do it! If you run,Dawn! I swear on Lexi's life that I will kill both of you!" The guy grinned evilly.

"Please! Please just take me!" Dawn cried out. Her voice was dry and cracked. But I didn't care. I just wanted for Dawn to survive. We were trapped.

"Run. Run and he won't be able to catch you! Dawn I'll keep him occupied! Run!" I cried. My heart beat fast. He pulled out a gun. My eyes flickered with an idea and Dawn noticed. "Run." I mouthed the words. She ran and he let go. He ran and so did I.

I kicked him in the groin and he grunted. He slowed down but was strong enough to keep running. In that one moment he was weak I grabbed his gun and swiveled towards him. I kicked again and grabbed his second gun which was sticking out of his butt pocket.

I threw a gun to Dawn who had stopped to watch and make sure I was okay. He got up. "We don't want to use this. B-But...We...we will!" My voice wavered. He laughed. I wasn't surprised.

He wasn't gonna find it funny when I shot him. So when the gun clicked and his eyes got wide...Dawn screamed.

And now here we are. Dawn shot a guy that tried to rape me, in the back twice. Her eyes water because she knows. He's dead. She cries and I cry too.

"Aaaaand,Cut! Okay people! We need to work on that blood. I want more blood. The poor dude just got shot! Felicia get the girls some water. Daisy you were great but we need more tears from you! You just shot a guy that tried to rape your best friend and you know you're about to go to jail! Make the tears flow! You have to look innocent not constapated! Okay people! Get May ready for one more shot of it! Fifteen minute break okay girls! Reload the stage gun please!" Director Barbra Sands makes great movies.

She gives instructions as me and Daisy approach eachother. "You were great,Daisy!" I compliment. She really was. "Thanks,May! You too! So! Wanna go get a light smoothie real quick!" Daisy asks me. I really don't want to turn it down.

I mean being an actress requires me to have lots of work to but I sometimes have those times when I can actually have fun with friends. And this is one of those fun times with friends. But Barbra told me to get my costume to the tailor guy for the movie to fix it. They need behind the scenes footage from him. So I just say, "Sure! Let me give my costume to that tailor guy!" And Daisy nods.

I start walking down the hall and to my dressing room. See me and Daisy have been friends for a ling time but simetimes she can just be a chatterbox. So I spend an extra three minutes in the dressing room on purpose.

Not that it makes a difference. Poor stunt guy. Maybe I should tell him sorry for kicking him hard!

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