"Scarlett, Im dangerous. You threaten me with your beauty. Why? Cause I'm a monster.."

Scarlett Johns, 17 years old, had a rather normal life. Lived with her Mum and older brother, Dylan. She went to school, and had friends and of course was picked on by the populars. But that all changed....

Read the story of how Scarlett fell for her monster.


1. Prologue•



I walked through the dark alley, my mind set on my thoughts and fears.

I walked through a puddle, the splash echoing

Throughout the alley.

Suddenly a sound of footsteps running caught my attention.

I listened as another pair of steps echoed down the alley in front of me. I hid behind a trash can, careful of the sounds I could make. I listened carefully, unable to breath.

"Where is my money?!" A angry voice hissed, audible for my ears. "I-I promise to give it to you tomorrow! Just give me one more day please!" Another voice begged.

The first person snickered. "Your a disgrace to human exsistence." They chuckled, I could the power in their voice. "Please! I have a family!" The second person cried. Suddenly a bang sound the alley way.....a gunshot!

I peeped over the trash can I was hiding behind to see a tall, dark figure standing with a gun pointing down at a now dead body on the floor. I gasped moving backwards, hitting a stone which skimmed across the alley, hitting the wall. I shot back to see the figures head snap in my direction.

The figure almost growled, like a fierce lion and started marching towards me. "Run Scarlett! Run!" I said to myself, unable to move.

And suddenly, as if my body listened to me, I turned sharply and sprinted down the alley.

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