A First Class Romance

Scott Summers is irritated by the arrogant blonde joining his new team and wants nothing more than to spend as little time with him as possible. But Warren Worthington III has different ideas...


1. The New Kid

"Hey, goggles." Warren Worthington III leant casually against the doorframe to Scott Summers' room just hours after moving into the Xavier institute.

"I'm sorry, is there something you need?" Scott slammed shut the book in his hands and dropped it onto the bed beside where he sat, already extremely irritated by the stuck up rich boy in front of him.

"Just checking in." Warren shrugged. "Thought we could chat."

"I need to study." Scott said bluntly, avoiding looking at the intimidatingly beautiful boy.

"I thought we could get to know each other." Warren wandered over to the bed. The way he carried himself resembled the mannerisms of a king... Or maybe even a god. Arrogance would be an understatement.

"I'm Scott. I'm seventeen. I'm a mutant. And right now I kinda just want to study. Great, bye." Scott replied sarcastically.

"Jeez, you're really not a lot of fun, are you?" Warren rolled his eyes. "I thought you were supposed to be nice to the new kid."

"You... Whatever your name is... I just don't have time right now." Scott lied. He had plenty of time - certainly enough for a short conversation with the new guy. But the truth was, he didn't think Warren deserved his time right now. The moment they met, Warren was making those 'bet you wish you were rich and perfect like me' comments, and that really grated.

"It's Warren. My name is Warren." Warren furrowed his brow. Everyone always remembered his name. He was a big deal.

"Yeah, great. I just... I'm kind of busy. Go talk to the professor or something." Scott shrugged, turning his attention back to the book beside him.

"Why won't you look at me?" Warren asked, smirking at the way Scott didn't even risk the chance of eye contact. "Why are you avoiding it?"

"I'm not." Scott shrugged again, attempting to look cool and failing in the perfectly cute way that he always did.

"You are." Warren argued. "You won't even look up from that book."

"I don't know what you're talking about, Warren." Scott said Warren's name in the most mocking tone he had ever been able to muster.

"You're intimidated by me." Warren laughed, flicking his wings out proudly. "You know, that's okay. A lot of guys are."

"Ugh. Could you be any more pretentious?" Scott looked up at Warren, allowing their eyes to meet behind his glasses for the first time since the angel had arrived at the X-Mansion.

"That's better, Scotty." Warren smirked at how visibly uncomfortable and irritable Scott was becoming.

"Don't call me that." Scott warned, returning his eyes to the book in his hands. "Ever."

"Come on. All I want is to talk for a bit." Warren tried hard to hide his amusement at Scott's attitude, but failed quickly.

"Look," Scott stopped after the word, searching his mind. "Sorry, what did you say your name was?"

"Warren!" The winged mutant snapped. How could anybody forget my name? He thought. And twice!

"Wow, you must really not be that memorable." Scott decided the best way to get this guy out of his room was to give him the opposite of what he undoubtedly wanted. Scott was going to make him feel small and unimportant.

"Hey! I'm kind of a big deal!" Warren growled, his eyes following every movement Scott's body made.

"I'm sure you are." Scott's words oozed with sarcasm.

"I know what you're doing, Scotty." Warren emphasized the name. "It's not going to work."

"For a guy who's 'a big deal'," Scott stood and stepped closer to him. "You're kind of short."

"Well," Warren's mind was clouded over by the strange feeling that accompanied Scott's close proximity. "Well... Your glasses are ugly!"

"I don't care, your outfit is ugly." Scott countered, knowing it would really irritate Warren, even if it wasn't true. Warren looked amazing in the tight-fitting, expensive suit.

"Nerd!" Warren snapped.





"Wow, it's been really nice to meet you, William? Is it? But you should go now. I've got more important stuff to do." Scott teased, amused by the way Warren's body tensed. He'd never usually dream of being this petty, but there was something about the arrogant way Warren held himself that made Scott want to wipe that irritating smirk right off his perfect lips.

"Warren!" His voice was nearing an octave higher that it should've been. "It's Warren! How hard is it?! Jesus!"

"Like I said - not that memorable." Scott knew it wouldn't be long until Warren was storming from his room in that pathetic way that all spoilt teens did.

"I'll make you remember me." Warren growled, for some reason, finding an aching in his body that told him he should really kiss the boy in front of him.

"I doubt that." Scott yawned, and dropped back down onto the bed. "Shouldn't you be unpacking? Or do you get your servants to do that for you?"

"Despite what you think, I'm not that guy." Warren pushed Scott's attempts to irritate him from his mind. He was better than this. He always got what he wanted.

"What guy?" Scott asked carelessly, flipping through the pages of his textbook.

"The guy you think I am. The rich one who doesn't care about anything but himself." When Warren sat beside him, Scott shuffled slightly away, noticeably uncomfortable. "I care about other things."

"Other things being, asserting your authority where it's not necessary and buying yourself things that make you seem likable, because you can't achieve that just with your personality?" Scott felt proud of his comeback. He'd never really been this quick before.

"No, Scotty." Warren leaned in closer. He knew a guy didn't have to be Kinsey six gay for the Worthington charm to affect him. "I care about you."

"You don't know me." Scott cursed himself mentally for allowing his voice to falter mid-sentence. He was thankful for his ruby quartz glasses, which hid the fact his eyes had flicked down to watch the way Warren's lips moved. He didn't understand. He didn't like guys, not in that way. Especially not arrogant, self-centred guys like Warren. But still, he felt his heart rate quicken at everything Warren did in that moment. The way his tongue darted out to moisten his lower lip, before he bit it gentle. How he flicked his eyes between Scott's lips and his glasses. The deep breaths he took to emphasize the perfect silence between them.

Little did Scott know, this was something Warren had been perfecting for years. He had used it successfully on countless girls and it had worked like a charm. He told himself he was doing it now to intimidate Scott, but really, he wanted the same thing from Scott as what he wanted from those girls - he just didn't quite understand why.

"Let me get to know you." He whispered seductively, gently running his fingers through Scott's soft, chestnut hair. Regaining his composure, Scott knocked Warren's hand away quickly.

"I think you should go." He said strongly, pulling back.

"Wait. What?" Warren Worthington did not get turned down. Ever.

"Just get out, Warren!" Scott yelled, turning away. "Leave me alone."

"Jeez, Scotty. What-"

"Don't call me that!" He ordered. "My name's Scott."

"Sure, 'Scott'! I just don't see why you have to act like such a tool!" Warren snarled, more than insulted by the way Scott was treating him.

"Ugh! Couldn't you have just stayed at whatever expensive private school your parents sent you off to?" Scott tossed his textbook in Warren's direction a little too forcefully. "Go study, feather boy."

"Maybe I need some help." Warren flicked the book back into Scott's hands casually.

"Should've known you're not clever enough to figure out high school-level biology." Scott mumbled, rolling his eyes.

"Biology?" Warren raised his eyebrows, only now bothering to read the title on the book in Scott's hands. 'The Basics of Human Biology. Volume 1: Hormones and the Reproductive System'. Warren smirked to himself. Oh, this is just too good, he thought. There was no way he was going to let Scott win this one.

"Actually, maybe I could use your help. Seriously. Biology really isn't my best subject." He lied.

"You're kidding me, right?" Scott narrowed his eyes behind his glasses and shook his head.

"No. I'm sorry about... Y'know... That." Warren feigned embarrassment. "Can we start over?"

"Umm... Seriously?" Scott frowned in confusion. This was just too weird.

"Seriously. I know I can be a bit of an ass sometimes. I guess I'm just nervous." Warren looked down at his feet, trying to hide his amused smile and keep up the shy facade.

"Oh... Urrr... Okay... Sure." Scott's suspicions were obvious, but still he chose to trust him. "What do you want to know?"

"I dunno," Warren looked up at Scott through his glasses. "I guess I really just need a tutor."

"I'm not great at it, but I'm sure I can help you out studying until you get settled in." Scott's voice was a lot calmer now, obviously falling for Warren's tricks.


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