The Popular Boy

Skylar was on her Senior year. Skylar wasn't a popular girl she's been a nerd her whole life. Then one night she got invited to a party. She never found out it was one of the popular boys named Ashton.From then on nothing was the same.


1. First Day Of School

Skylar P.O.V.

Ugh! If there is one thing I hate more than the first day of school it's school altogether. There are kids in my school that think they can do what ever they want.

Well I'm Skylar Williams and I have one little sister named Riley and a older brother named Zach. I'm 17 I'm going to turn 18 in June.

Also I'm a nerd. Well at least that's what everyone in school thinks.

Anyway I walked into class and a bully started to call me names. Right before he was going to punch me someone stopped his fist inches from my face. I looked at who it was and it was the most popular boy in school Ashton Irwin. Omg he is so hot. He had just broken up with his cheerleader girlfriend Rebecca .

"Hey Skylar." I looked around and Ashton was talking to me. "Yeah". "Would you like to come to a party tonight." "Sure." "It's at my house here's the address." "Thanks." I'm going to a party!! I've never been invited to one, well except for when I was 5. But that doesn't matter. I finally might be considered a popular kid.

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