Little Did I Know

What happens when you've spent 6 months getting over him, you've set up your new life, you've got a new lad in your world, and yet everything perfectly crumbles when he tries to come back? Chloe Robinson, princess of the heartbreakers and yet secretly the queen of the heartbroken. Andrew Colons was perfect in every way. He was athletic, nice, funny, clever, but not her's. They talked everyday for hours until he left. But what happens to Chloe's life when Andrew decides to come back? Find out in 'Little Did I Know' *contains mild language* Copyright © 2014 by bella zaffino Copyright © 2014 Little Did I Know All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form


3. Chapter Two

"What the bloody hell was that?" Lauren asked me looking quite worried.

"I'm tired okay. Leave me alone please."

"You're great at pushing people who care away."

"I know. The more you care the more shit hurts. I'd rather have no one & hurt myself then have 100 people let me down & hurt me."

I sat down at the table for lunch, listening to everyone else talk around me. I was fed up of everyone looking at me like I was fucked up. No. I'm not. I have a different view of the world. So do a lot of people. So tell me how that makes just me fucked up.

Everything sucked. I felt like no matter what nothing would be the same without him. I mean how could it be? I gave him my time, my body, my friends, my everything & he left giving me and leaving me with nothing. And since then. Since that very moment he said bye and meant it, everything changed.

I know it's short, school started again but I didn't really want to update like months from now so yeah, once school dies down a bit I'll be able to write proper chapters

bella zaffino x

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