Little Did I Know

What happens when you've spent 6 months getting over him, you've set up your new life, you've got a new lad in your world, and yet everything perfectly crumbles when he tries to come back? Chloe Robinson, princess of the heartbreakers and yet secretly the queen of the heartbroken. Andrew Colons was perfect in every way. He was athletic, nice, funny, clever, but not her's. They talked everyday for hours until he left. But what happens to Chloe's life when Andrew decides to come back? Find out in 'Little Did I Know' *contains mild language* Copyright © 2014 by bella zaffino Copyright © 2014 Little Did I Know All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form


4. Chapter Three

I walked through the door followed by the same questions.

Mom: how was school?

Dad: did you make new friends?

Mom: how did you do on your paper?

Dad: any boys after you that I have to talk to?

Like shut the fuck up already. It will always be shit, I will never make friends cause I hate everyone, I obviously failed because they have different views & no, even if there were I only want Andrew.

But this time with a twist.

"Oh, Chloe. We had a phone call from the school...," at this point I could give less of a shit what they had to say I just wanted to sleep. "...and they're concerned and want to put you in therapy and you know we'd never do that without seeing what you had to say and..."

"What I have to say?" I started cutting her off, "all I have to say is that it was my point of view and the way I saw thing. Everyone thinks differently and it's just cause all the adult teachers don't share the same view and I don't think that's fair on me." I said looking annoyed.

"Fair enough, that's good enough for us, we'll kindly decline the offer but Chloe, you need to erm how do we put this... lighten up."

"Okay," I said pretending to be happy.

I lay there motionless on the bed watching the hours tick by, slow, slowly, slower & then what felt like forever. As I was slowly drifting off I was startled by my phone.

'1 iMessage,' it read.

I unlocked my phone and pulled down the notification tab to try and read the message so if I wanted to blank the person my read report didn't show. But this time it was tricky. This message was from a random number that just read 'hey x'.

'hey x', like erm what, do I reply to that? I have like one friend and shes saved as a contact. After a couple of minutes I decided to reply.

'I'm sorry who's this? x' I said back.

'aha, erm I really did blow it didn't I? x'.

No, it couldn't be. But he, I. And I officially ran out of words to say.

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