Little Did I Know

What happens when you've spent 6 months getting over him, you've set up your new life, you've got a new lad in your world, and yet everything perfectly crumbles when he tries to come back? Chloe Robinson, princess of the heartbreakers and yet secretly the queen of the heartbroken. Andrew Colons was perfect in every way. He was athletic, nice, funny, clever, but not her's. They talked everyday for hours until he left. But what happens to Chloe's life when Andrew decides to come back? Find out in 'Little Did I Know' *contains mild language* Copyright © 2014 by bella zaffino Copyright © 2014 Little Did I Know All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form


2. Chapter One

I never wanted to fall in love with anyone, I guess it kind of just happened. Like when your favourite character gets killed in a show or your best friend moves away. You never planned nor wanted it to happened, but it did, and there's nothing you can really do about it. So why complain? Why moan and be upset right? No. Shut up. I don't care what you think because yes, we shouldn't grieve and sulk about the things we can't control but I think we should be able to grieve and sulk about someone you love turning into a complete and utter fucking prick! They can't just do that. That's like some douche getting a bitch pregnant and leaving her, it's just cold & wrong. Like you motha' fucker, you want your son to turn out like that? I don't think so but by all means if you do then fine but just know that you are one messed up son of a bitch.


"Chloe Robinson..." Mr. Firginson said, "your assignment, it was, how do you put this, umm, it was 'unique' but your language is atrocious. Also we worry for you so we've arranged for you to have some counselling..."

"You need my parents consent & last time I checked I wasn't given a consent form to give to them so fuck. you." I replied with out thinking.

"Actually we were very worried so we called them ourself to come into the school & sign the papers. You haven't been the same lately & we are really unsure as to why. We thought maybe family problems but your parents said nothing bad has occurred in the family. We're only trying to help."

"Did you ever think you can't help? Cause you can't. You can't 'help' what happened in the past. You can learn from the past & help teach people how not to make the same mistakes from the past but never ever can you help something from the past. Could you 'help' the titanic from sinking? Could you 'help' Martin Luther King Jr. or J.F.K from getting assassinated? Could you 'help' all of those who are dead? No. You sir are fighting a battle not worth fighting. You sir are trying to help a lost cause that does not want to be found. A ship that wants to sink & drown & die. So really my overall question to you is why? Why waste your time 'helping' and pretending to give a shit? It won't get you more money, more famous, more recognised. You're human just like the celebrities, just like the homeless, just like the kids, just like the elderly, just like me. So if I can't help myself what makes you think you can?"

"I can't help things in the past but I can help things down the line. The titanic sunk, but we've learnt from that not to ignore warnings, to be more cautious. Martin Luther King Jr. & J.F.K. got assassinated but we've now learnt to up our game in terms of protection & services like that. By looking into the past we can help improve the future." He replied ever so calmly before I interrupted.

"Or mentally fuck you over even more."

He looks at me shaking his head. As if he thought I was better then this. But I broke & my heart took the impact on the fall. It shattered into a million fucking pieces. After shaking his head he walked back to his desk and shortly after the bell rang for lunch.

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