Little Did I Know

What happens when you've spent 6 months getting over him, you've set up your new life, you've got a new lad in your world, and yet everything perfectly crumbles when he tries to come back? Chloe Robinson, princess of the heartbreakers and yet secretly the queen of the heartbroken. Andrew Colons was perfect in every way. He was athletic, nice, funny, clever, but not her's. They talked everyday for hours until he left. But what happens to Chloe's life when Andrew decides to come back? Find out in 'Little Did I Know' *contains mild language* Copyright © 2014 by bella zaffino Copyright © 2014 Little Did I Know All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form


5. Chapter Four

I woke up to '108 iMessages' all from the same person. Mr. Andrew Colons, perfect, splendid, brilliant, no. I scrolled up past all 107 until i got to the first one and my jaw dropped instantly. 


"I'm sorry Chloe Robinson, I'm sorry for everything, I'm still really deeply fucking in love with you and leaving you was the stupidest thing ever. i don't know why i'm saying this but i'll send enough messages to hide this one, only 'cause I know you're too lazy to check, unless you're actually bothered for once Miss. Robinson." I could see his smirk in my head, the way his eyes sparkled and the way he'd burst out laughing afterwards. It was all so perfect.


"Fuck off you silly twat, making me scroll through all them messages -.-"


'Wow, Miss. Robinson, i'm shocked to have gotten such a nice reply back, however even more shocked that you cared enough to check through 107 blank messages just find one that actually had writing x'


"I don't care, I just had a lot of spare time... obvs x"


'yeah yeah, shut up loser, I'll see your beautiful smiling face at school ;) x'


"Its school, why would i be smiling dickhead? x"


'Cause i'll be there ;) x'


I'll admit he's a sly motherfucker, i'll also admit I missed him, but the one thing i've always known in my heart is that I really do love him.



I don't remember the last time I walked in through the school doors smiling. I felt on top of the world, broken, but on top of the world, and boy did it feel great.


'Excuse me Miss, I can't seem to find my locker, I've been assigned next to some psycho bitch but that's all I know.'


"Well sir, you fuck off over there to the left, then you fuck off further down and to the right, and you keep fucking off until you can't see the psycho bitch anymore."  


'If you wanted me to fuck off to the left, then further down and to the right and then continue fucking off until I was away from you, you could've just said "Andrew fuck off into my bed" cause we both know they mean the same thing don't we now Chloe.'


"You're a pain in the ass Andrew." No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't hold back my smile. He had this cheeky thing about him, he was so predictable in the most unpredictable way. So imperfectly perfect with all his shitty little flaws. So heartless with his big heart. So loving with no love left to give. And thats when it hit me, were so incompatibly compatible that it works so imperfectly perfect.


So that was just to get started back up as my amazing cousin xxSuperWomanxx reminded me that I can use movellas on a laptop as nothing else worked.

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