Out of my Limit

Have you ever wanted to meet your idol? That one celebrity who makes your heart flutter? Well Taylor does, but when she meets him, she doesn't like what she gets. Five seconds of summer fanfic.


4. Fist Fight

Two weeks later:

I flopped down on my bed and unlocked my phone. A message popped up. "Hey," it said. It was from Ashton.

I typed a greeting back and leaned back against my pillow, waiting for a reply. We exchanged small talk for a while, before he asked if he could come over. I agreed and put my phone down after he told me that he would be over in 5 minutes.

I sat up on my bed and stretched, glancing down at my clothes. I was wearing a pair of grey leggings,a black tank top under a comfortable cropped grey hoodie and my hair was in a messy bun at the top of my head. I had my glasses on too, they were gigantic black nerd glasses that I wouldn't be caught dead in in public.

When the doorbell rang, I padded down in my bare feet and opened the door slightly. When I saw that it was Ashton, I stepped back to let him in. "Hey," he smiled.

"Hey," I said back, self consciously pushing my glasses further up my nose.

"I didn't know that you wore glasses?" He asked me.

"Usually I wear contacts, but when I'm at home, I go old school nerd." I laughed, gesturing at my hair and outfit. "My glasses are so ugly." I complained.

"No, they suit you." He said. "Besides, you look like one of those girls that have just been through a break up in chick flicks." He smirked.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I said, faking being angry.

"That you look like a movie star?" He said, still smirking.

"Nice save," I commented, smiling. I walked towards the kitchen. "Hungry?" I asked him over my shoulder.

"Always," he laughed. It was 11:30 in the morning me I still hadn't eaten breakfast. I opened the kitchen cupboard and looked inside to find it near to empty.

"I need to go shopping," I laughed, gesturing to the nearly empty cupboard. "How does tuna cheddar melt sandwiches sound?"

He nodded enthusiastically. "You know, you make better food when your cupboard is empty than I do when mine is full." He laughed. "Not that that is very often, seeing as the rest of the band mostly live at my house and they eat like wild animals."

I giggled, walking towards the fridge and lifting out the cheese and mayo. I grabbed a bowl from a cupboard beneath me, and dumped a can of tuna and some mayo into it. "So why are you here?" I asked him.

"I got bored," he laughed, beginning to tap out a beat on the breakfast bar where he was sitting. I sighed and shook my head. "Sorry, drummer habits." He said, laughing.

I mixed the tuna and mayo, before starting to butter the bread. All of a sudden, Ashton's phone rang, breaking the silence. "Hey," he answered. I heard noises at the other end. "I'm at Tay's house, she's making me a sandwich." He said, winking at me as I turned around. "Luke chill." He said, the humor draining from his face. "It's not like that!" He said. The noises from the other end got louder. "No I'm not leaving! Goodbye." He said, ending the call and putting his phone on the table.

"What was that?" I asked him, turning back to add cheese and the tuna to the buttered bread. I stuck It in the toaster oven, turning the timer to five minutes and putting the heat on low.

"Just Luke. He's jealous." He said, rolling his eyes. I placed the remainder tuna and cheese back in the fridge, before walking over to the breakfast bar and sitting down next to Ashton.

"He doesn't own me, I can have friends over if I want to." I said, rolling my eyes. Ashton twisted so that we were facing each other.

"Why is it that you don't like him anyway?" He asked me.

"Well, at your last concert, I ran into him as he was coming out from backstage and he was an absolute ass to me. So I told him that he was being an ass, and ever since then he's had this strange obsession. I mean, that night, he threw rocks at my window and slept outside my house in his car." I explained.

"Wait," Ashton said, holding up a hand. "You called him an ass? To his face?" He said, beginning to laugh.

"Yes," I said, laughing as well. "Well, he was being an ass, and I figured that nobody else was going to tell him, so I did."

"I like you a lot more all of a sudden," Ashton said, still laughing. "I don't think that Luke has been called an ass by a girl since we became famous. You know, bad boy charm and all that."

At that moment, the doorbell rang, again and again. "Who the hell is that?" I wondered out loud. "I'll be right back." I told Ashton, using his knee to steady myself as I jumped down from the stool that I was sitting on.

I got to the door, and opened it, surprised when it was flung open wider by whoever was behind it. "Where is he? Where is Ashton?" A male voice said.

Ashton came out from the kitchen. "I heard my name?" He asked. "Oh." He said, catching sight of the guy by the door.

The guy launched himself at Ashton and started punching him. "No!" I screamed. "Luke! Stop it!"

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