''The doctor and the aliens''

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  • Published: 26 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 26 Aug 2014
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Doctor Who seeks adventures and find them on surprising places


1. good

 Doctor Who was bored. Not only today but a whole week now. To everyone else his life seemed thrilling and adventurous but the truth was that Doctor Who's life was not that awesome.

On the contrary, he thought he has the most plain and tedious life on Earth. Crazy , right?

But Doctor Who is not a man who pity himself so he was trying to find a way to get rid of the grey everyday.

Doctor Who never flew with a balloon and exactly that idea came up to his mind.

-That's it!A balloon flight!-thought the doctor and his face illuminated with joy.

Firstly, he had to take care few things-take a day off, prepare the supplies for the flight, to get rest properly and to buy some new clothes like jacket and a hat for example.

He wanted this fantastic flight only for himself. No one around him could handle a balloon flight but him and the doctor just didn't want grumpy faces during the air trip or afterwards. This was something he had designed in his brain specifically for him and without surprises included.

                                                                                 . . .

So the big day came. It is gonna be a different day. Colorful and unusual. Pretty funny, indeed.

The doctor arrived to the meadow where a man with a big steam balloon was already waiting. The eccentric doctor paid the owner of the balloon for a 3-hour ride and threw his luggage on board.

-And be extra careful, dear doctor-I want my balloon back in one piece-said the owner .

-Don't worry for absolutely nothing, sir

-It's in good hands-replied the doctor and the balloon came off the ground.


                                                                                  . . .


Already an hour and a half had passed. Nothing particularly happened except the grand vast view the doctor was seeing from up above. He was feeling like a bird-a feeling he never had until this day. The man was enjoying life like never before. It was his idea for fun.

-I started getting hungry from the flight-thought the doctor and took a home-made prepared sandwich.

The day was sunny with no single cloud on the sky. The balloon began flying higher and higher. So higher that the doctor saw only green and brown very little spots.

Out of the blue, a flying object in the form of a pancake reached the doctor's balloon. It looked like а real larger than usual pancake. He touched the pancake and saw on the surface very little creatures. The smiled at him and he smiled them back.

-I've never seen such thing. Am I dreaming?-thought the doctor smiling inside his head.

But he wasn't dreaming. And the funniest thing was that the little creatures were cooking pancakes inside their spacecraft. The midgets seemed friendly and bubbly.

Their little tiny voices were irritating for the doctor's ear and the same exact time a flock of bees came near the balloon and pointed their stings toward the balloon. After a second the balloon started to fall and.......that split second the doctor heard the alarm clock ringing and deafening the whole bedroom.

After that, the doctor realized where he is and his mood gloomed. All this air trip with the balloon was only in his mind, a fantasy during a heavy sleep at night. None of this happened for real-nor the little creatures, nor the pancakes and nor the bees.

But when the doctor woke up and got dressed he said to himself something cheering:

-I am going to the carnival in Nothing Hill. This time for real and I will spend a great time there...

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