The Last Of Us : Working Together

I do not Own the Last of us.
When the worst thing that could happen to them happens, Joel is forced to take care of them both. Could the duo possibly get in a worse situation?
Set in the gap after pittsburgh, Spoilers inside.


3. Chapter Three

Chapter three


Her crimson red blood parted from her neck and sprayed itself onto the clicker abover her. The Clicker didn't seem to notice that it was being covered in her blood, But kept on trying to get further through her neck. It was so focused on it's meal, that it didn't even realise the fact that Joel was reloading his shotgun and aiming straight for the Clickers heavily mutated head. 


Ellie's ears felt like they were heavily ringing as a piercing sound kept punching it's way through her thin ear drums. She then realised that her own screams we partly to blame for the fact she couldn't hear anything, and the fact that she had a zombie growling loudly in her ear. Her eyes were starting to flutter into unconsciousness as the zombie started to rip further and further into her thin neck.


Joel saw that she was starting to fall into unconsciousness, And he knew he had to act fast. Without really thinking, He pulled the trigger on the shotgun and felt his arm absorb a lot of the kickback whilst the bullet found itself between one of the clickers plates in it's head. 

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