The Last Of Us : Working Together

I do not Own the Last of us.
When the worst thing that could happen to them happens, Joel is forced to take care of them both. Could the duo possibly get in a worse situation?
Set in the gap after pittsburgh, Spoilers inside.


4. Chapter four

Chapter four


The clicker slumped onto Ellie's weakened form slowly, Ellie not even making a move to remove the corpse from her. Joel started to panic. The wound looked deep, too deep. He wasn't actually certain she would be immune this time.


 "Ellie!" Joel cried as he ran forward and threw the corpse to the side. Her unfocused eyes fell onto him but she looked confused. "Okay i'm gonna have to move you now. Im so sorry if this hurts but i need to get you into shelter. On three im gonna lift you up and carry you. Okay?" Joel didnt really wait for an answer as he slung his and her bags over his shoulder and ripped the medical kit wide open. He grabbed the bandages and slung them around her neck to put pressure on the wound before placing the kit back into his bag and bracing himself for what he was about to do.


"Here we go. On three. One, two. Three!" Joel shouts as he picks up her body and her loud cries scare some of the birds in the trees away. He tries to gently calm her down before he starts to walk. He knew he had to be quick. He had no idea if she would turn or not, But he sure wasn't going to leave her incase she did. She survived it once, Why on earth couldn't she do it a second time? Before he knew it he was jogging his way through the forest, Ellie staring lazily at his worried face.


It was clear to Joel that she was trying to stay awake, But it was becoming harder and harder for her to focus. He didn't want to waste anymore time, so he sped up even more. The problems with a forest is that there isn't really any houses around. Her blood began to sluggishly pour out of the bandage and onto Joels shirt, unwanted warmth making his insides go cold. She was the only person he had grown close too in these past few months and it would take a lot for him to let her die now. They had come too far. This would not be the end. 


"Come on Baby girl keep your eyes on me" Joel pleaded as he looked down to see her finally giving into the sleep she so badly needed. Ellie didn't even make any attempt to prove she had heard him. This made joel panic even more. They had become stranded in his worst nightmare and there wasn't even a house or shack around! 


As Joel kept running he ignored the fact that he could literally be running into a dead end before he spotted something in the distance. A hazy wooden house appeared to be further ahead. Joel would have smiled if it wasn't for the fact that ellie was dying in his arms. He finally reached the shack before setting her down on the steps, scanning the area and pulling out his gun to check the house from the inside.

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